Kim Achievement List

Delhi Delhi
Visit Delhi.
Simla Simla
Visit Simla.
Lucknow Lucknow
Visit Lucknow.
Benares Benares
Visit Benares.
Peshawur Peshawur
Visit Peshawur.
Leh Leh
Visit Leh.
Amritsar Amritsar
Visit Amritsar.
Umballa Umballa
Visit Umballa.
Bikanir Bikanir
Visit Bikanir.
Jeysalmir Jeysalmir
Visit Jeysalmir.
Dehra Dun Dehra Dun
Visit Dehra Dun.
Allahabad Allahabad
Visit Allahabad.
Ferozepore Ferozepore
Visit Ferozepore.
Sarnath Sarnath
Visit Sarnath.
Saharunpore Saharunpore
Visit Saharunpore.
Mussoorie Mussoorie
Visit Mussoorie.
River of the Arrow River of the Arrow
Find the River of the Arrow.
The White Stallion The White Stallion
Deliver a message in Umballa.
The Kulu Sahiba The Kulu Sahiba
Visit the Kulu Sahiba.
The Mavericks The Mavericks
Go to school at Father Victor’s request.
The Game The Game
Visit Colonel Creighton.
A Special Invitation A Special Invitation
Visit Lurgan Sahib’s shop.
The Vellum Ledger The Vellum Ledger
Find the Commissariat Sergeant.
The Pundit The Pundit
Find the mysterious doctor.
The Secret Map The Secret Map
Meet the Jain priest.
Letter from a Friend Letter from a Friend
Meet the friend from the letter.
The Sahiba's Son The Sahiba’s Son
Speak to the Kulu Sahiba’s son.
The Five Kings The Five Kings
Take lama to hide in mountains.
The Dissident The Dissident
Pay a visit to the dissident’s backer.
The Wonder House The Wonder House
Take the lama to the Wonder House.
Loafers Loafers
Find Daniel Dravot on a train.
Morrowbie Jukes Morrowbie Jukes
Kill Gunga Dass for Morrowbie Jukes.
Wayside Comedy Wayside Comedy
Speak to Mrs Vansuythen.
Fore and Aft Fore and Aft
Write to the authorities.
Only a Subaltern Only a Subaltern
Get medicine for Bobby Wicks.
Phantom Rickshaw Phantom Rickshaw
Speak to Dr Heatherlegh about Jack Pansay.
Rescue of Pluffles Rescue of Pluffles
Find Subaltern Pluffles.
Wressley of the FO Wressley of the FO
Find Mr Wressley.
Taking Lungtungpen Taking Lungtungpen
Find Terence Mulvaney.
Matter of a Private Matter of a Private
Find Corporal Slane.
Ghost Story Ghost Story
Find Jack Endor.
A Souvenir A Souvenir
Find a souvenir from the North for Nain Singh.
A Special Gift A Special Gift
Find a piece of jewellery for Strickland.