Kiai Resonance Achievement List

Good Student Good Student
Finish the tutorial
Samurai Samurai
Fight in the 1 player mode
Duelist Duelist
Fight in the 2 players mode
Eager to Die Eager to Die
Use Rush Option
Long Road Long Road
Win a 10 victories match in 1 player mode
Stained Sword Stained Sword
Win a match in 1 player mode (5 victories minimum)
Used Sword Used Sword
Win 5 matches in 1 player mode (5 victories minimum)
Flawless Sword Flawless Sword
Win 10 matches in 1 player mode (5 victories minimum)
Disgrace Disgrace
Lose 10 matches in a row in 1 player mode
Practitioner Practitioner
Complete 5 challenges
Skilled Practitioner Skilled Practitioner
Complete 10 challenges
Master Practitioner Master Practitioner
Complete all challenges
Traveller Traveller
Win 5 online matches
Way of the Master Way of the Master
Win 10 online matches
Ashigaru Ashigaru
Win an online match
Mononofu Mononofu
Reach the Mononofu rank
Ronin Ronin
Reach the Ronin rank
Chugen Chugen
Reach the Chugen rank
Bushi Bushi
Reach the Bushi rank
Kashira Kashira
Reach the Kashira rank
Shusho Shusho
Reach the Shusho rank
Urawashii Urawashii
Reach the Urawashii rank
Hatamoto Hatamoto
Reach the Hatamoto rank
Shogun Shogun
Reach the Shogun rank