Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls Achievement List

Naga Negator Naga Negator
Beat up Serpantina, the Naga
Harpy Hunter Harpy Hunter
Put Amelia the harpy in her place.
Pizza Punisher Pizza Punisher
Crush Anchovy, the pizza slime.
Mimic Masher Mimic Masher
Lock up Mimi the Mimic
Mermaid Mangler Mermaid Mangler
Drown out the mermaid, Pacifica
Disco Destroyer Disco Destroyer
Stop DJ Doroko’s show.
Arachnid Eradicator Arachnid Eradicator
Squash the pirate captain.
Best in Class Best in Class
You’ve Done it! You got an ‘A’ rank!
Straight-A Student Straight-A Student
You’ve gotten an ‘A’ rank on every level
Treasure Tracker Treasure Tracker
Pick up a total of €25,000 worth of treasure.
Neighborhood Bully Neighborhood Bully
Beat up 500 enemies in one file.
Bouncer Bouncer
Bounce on enemies three times before touching the ground.
Quiz Master Quiz Master
Passed Andy Querie’s quiz with your soul on the line.
Trading Up Trading Up
Complete the trading quest and unlock the lucky chax doll.
Crushing Irony Crushing Irony
Land the finishing blow on Mimi with the treasure box.
Fairy Friend Fairy Friend
Rescue every captive fairy.
Turbo-Librarian Turbo-Librarian
Collect all of Nyazione’s Notebooks.
Free Samples Free Samples
Find Gourmet Gal in every stage she appears in.
First Mate First Mate
Join the pirate captain in her quest for treasure.
Top Cake Top Cake
Get to level 10 in CAKEBOY.
On Ice On Ice
Defeat Icey Path’s secret boss before taking four hearts of damage.
Invincible Invincible
Completed a deathless run on every stage on one file!
Berserker Berserker
Completed a berserk run on every stage on one file!
Rhy-t On Time! Rhy-t On Time!
Clear Race Mode with a time under 33 minutes!
Dash and Punch your Guts! Dash and Punch your Guts!
Clear berserk race mode with 10 or fewer deaths!
Night of the Monster Girl Night of the Monster Girl
Completed the Harvest Festival Event!
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth
Found every piece of candy hidden in the Harvest Festival.