Karma Achievement List

Programmer Programmer
Now you are a programmer.
Final Man Final Man
Now you know the truth.
Great Job Great Job
Now you have a job.
Life Is Tough Life Is Tough
It’s hard to live.
Researcher Researcher
Your IQ is 250.
Buy The Earth Buy The Earth
You need more money.
Talking Too Much Talking Too Much
I’m not hiring you for talking!
Bad Boy Bad Boy
Wow, now you started hacking.
Blood Blood
That’s none of your business. Really?
Got Some Money Got Some Money
Yeah, now you have some dollars.
Where To Use My Money Where To Use My Money
You just have too much money.
Knowledge Got Knowledge Got
You are a good student.
Genius Genius
Your IQ is now 300.
Husband? Husband?
A wife? Are you serious?
Confusion Confusion
Did you find something has changed?