Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow Achievement List

Bogu Kumite 1st place! Bogu Kumite 1st place!
Win a Bogu Kumite Tournament.
Full Contact Karate 1st place! Full Contact Karate 1st place!
Win a Full Contact Karate tournament.
Karate-Pro Tournament 1st place! Karate-Pro Tournament 1st place!
Win a Karate-Pro tournament.
Ring Beast! Ring Beast!
Win a ring event.
You are the Champion! You are the Champion!
Win the Kumite tournament.
Great picture! Great picture!
Jump over a car.
Bull fighter! Bull fighter!
Defeat the bull.
Bear fighter! Bear fighter!
Defeat the bear.
Never give up! Never give up!
Heal yourself in the hospital.
Hey, you're famous! Hey, you’re famous!
Reach fame 100.
Money maker! Money maker!
You need to earn 1500 bucks.
You Become A Legend! You Become A Legend!
Defeat the legendary Sensei Matsu.
You are the best! You are the best!
Defeat Oboro.
You are the stronger! You are the stronger!
Requires strength 10
 You are the toughness! You are the toughness!
Requires toughness 10
Faster! Faster!
Requires speed 10
Deadly strikes! Deadly strikes!
Requires tai kitae 10
KI master! KI master!
Requires KI 10