Kaboom Monsters Achievement List

End of Tutorial End of Tutorial
Finish the Tutorial
End of the journey? End of the journey?
Reach the end of the map
Win 10 games Win 10 games
Win at least 10 games
Win 50 games Win 50 games
Win at least 50 games
Win 100 games Win 100 games
Win at least 100 matches
Mercenary Mercenary
Increase your army
Collector Collector
Collect 50 items
5 Card Recipes 5 Card Recipes
Unlock 5 new Card recipes
Alchemist Alchemist
Find 15 recipes
Shields collector Shields collector
Collect all the shields
Arms Collector Arms Collector
Collect all weapons
Double conquest Double conquest
Conquest two cards in the same turn
Brawl Brawl
Conquer three cards in the same turn
Spartan Spartan
Chicken! Chicken!
Search and find a chicken!
Chicken farmer Chicken farmer
Discover the power of chicken
Chickens lover Chickens lover
Discover the true power of chicken
Blutos Blutos
Power to the Clan
Yabba Yabba
Yabba is better
Gringram Gringram
Long live the Gringram