Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod Achievement List

Incendiary Sightseer Incendiary Sightseer
Play for an hour
Indiscreet Infiltrator Indiscreet Infiltrator
Play for a day
Wilful Wanderer Wilful Wanderer
Play for a week
Chaos Immigrant Chaos Immigrant
Play for a month
Mile High Club Mile High Club
Visit the Mile High Club with 20 other players
Sky Cause Sky Cause
Parachute with 5 other players at the same time
Socialite Socialite
Play with 5 friends on the same server
Firestarter Firestarter
Kill 3,000 players by any means possible
I Want To Break Free I Want To Break Free
Reach the upper limit of the sky in a plane
Mom, Get The Camera Mom, Get The Camera
Be on the same server as a JC2-MP developer
Only Human Only Human
Kill any member of the JC2-MP team (including developers and beta testers)
Hell on Wheels Hell on Wheels
Cruise around with four other players in a MV880 with a mounted gun
Oil for Blood Oil for Blood
Kill 100 players at any offshore rig
Power Surge Power Surge
Kill 10 players at Awan Sendawan Power Plant
Stranded Stranded
Meet 5 other players at Hantu Island
Careful Down There Careful Down There
Stand on top of a plane in flight for a minute
Taxi Service Taxi Service
Drive a taxi cab with 3 passengers for 10km in a single trip
Stuntshooter Stuntshooter
Kill five players who are standing on top of a moving plane
Welcome to Panau Welcome to Panau
Connect to a server for the first time
Cartographer Cartographer
Visit the undiscovered settlements on the PDA map