Just Bones Achievement List

Rush! Rush!
Complete ten levels with three stars
Fast Animal Fast Animal
Complete twenty levels with three stars
Farewell, School! Farewell, School!
Complete all tutorial levels
Searcher’s Path Searcher’s Path
Find your first key
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Find ten keys
Nothing Can Hide Nothing Can Hide
Find twenty keys
Whack! Whack!
Fall into pieces for the first time
Clinger Clinger
Jump into swamp for the first time
Caveman Caveman
Complete cave section
Climber Climber
Complete mountain section
Survivor Survivor
Complete swamp section
Hellfire Hellfire
Die in lava for the first time
Ahead Of Time Ahead Of Time
Get three stars for the first time
Time Conqueror Time Conqueror
Complete thirty levels with three stars