Just a Cleric Achievement List

Cardinal Sin Cardinal Sin
Kill an endangered cardinal, but not in real life.
Stumped! Stumped!
Get a squirrel to swap out an item on the town’s tree stump
It's in the Song! It’s in the Song!
Die, and get it out of the way.
Good for Gamblin' Good for Gamblin’
Meet Booger Myers and his piggy wagon.
Hammer Smith Hammer Smith
Upgrade any piece of gear to +4.
Bless this Mess Bless this Mess
Bless any piece of gear at the church to +5.
Failure at Fourteen Failure at Fourteen
Fail any mission where possible.
A Winner is You! A Winner is You!
Beat the game.
Holy Moly! Holy Moly!
Reach level 13 to fill your prayer book.
Loaded Loaded
Amass $1000. Wee Hoo!
Surfin' Cleric Surfin’ Cleric
Play guitar with the Booger Myers Band.
You're.. Just a Wizard?! You’re.. Just a Wizard?!
Buy a wand from the enterprising wizard.
Space Maker Space Maker
Sell something to the shop and free up a spot in your backpack.
Big Spender Big Spender
Buy something worth $300 or more.
River Monster River Monster
Kill a Giant Catfish.
The Real Deal The Real Deal
Kill the demon super boss!!
Gold Medal Gold Medal
Pick up a gold-level piece of gear.
Statastical! Statastical!
Build your total stats to 50 or more!
How's it Feel?! How’s it Feel?!
Kill the cult leader with any dagger.
Punch n' Judy Punch n’ Judy
Kill the albino bat with your bare fists.
Bow and Widow Bow and Widow
Kill the black widow with any bow or crossbow.
Holy Hardcore! Holy Hardcore!
Beat the game in Hardcore mode. Yikes!