Junk Jack Achievement List

Apple Fanboy Apple Fanboy
Eat so many apples.
Eggsellent Eggsellent
Consume 50 chicken eggs.
Goodnight Goodnight
Craft your first bed.
Come Get Some Come Get Some
Craft your first weapon.
Let's Dig Let’s Dig
Craft your first shovel.
Mining Time Mining Time
Craft your first pickaxe.
Learning The Basics Learning The Basics
Craft your first item.
Serious Tools Serious Tools
Craft a stronger tool.
Master Of Tools Master Of Tools
Craft a Titanium tool.
Best Of The Best Best Of The Best
Craft a Galvanium tool.
Showroom Showroom
Craft a showcase.
A Book Or Two A Book Or Two
Craft a bookshelf.
Animal Tamer Animal Tamer
Craft a taming collar.
Demolition Man Demolition Man
Craft 20 TNTs.
Make It Boom Make It Boom
Craft a bomb.
Sticky Fingers Sticky Fingers
Craft a sticky bomb.
Need More Space Need More Space
Craft a wood chest.
Compulsive Hoarding Compulsive Hoarding
Craft 50 metal chests.
Black Hole Black Hole
Craft a bottomless chest.
Make The Difference Make The Difference
Encrust 10 items.
Oh No! Poor Nature! Oh No! Poor Nature!
Destroy 1000 wood blocks.
Expert Miner Expert Miner
Destroy 1000 blocks.
World Carver World Carver
Destroy 10000 blocks.
My Finger Hurts My Finger Hurts
Destroy 100000 blocks.
Dirty Work Dirty Work
Destroy 1000 dirt blocks.
Stone Quarry Stone Quarry
Destroy 1000 stone blocks.
Treasure Finder Treasure Finder
Break 20 treasure chests.
Up! Up!
Plant a magical bean.
Bling Bling Bling Bling
Place 50 Gold Blocks.
Safe Home Safe Home
Place a simple door.
None Shall Pass None Shall Pass
Place an iron door.
Time To Upgrade Time To Upgrade
Place 95 wood windows.
A Nice Vista A Nice Vista
Place 10 iron windows.
A Warmer Place A Warmer Place
Place a fireplace.
Trapped In Trapped In
Place 5 trapdoors.
So Comfy So Comfy
Place 5 sofas.
Lay The Foundations Lay The Foundations
Place 20 Stone bricks.
Family Matters! Family Matters!
Place 8 Roof Tiles.
Another Brick In The Wall Another Brick In The Wall
Place 50 Clay Bricks.
Noah Ark Noah Ark
Place 500 Wood Planks.
Nuclear Meltdown Nuclear Meltdown
Place 500 TNT.
Sign Me Up Sign Me Up
Place 50 signs.
Light It Up! Light It Up!
Place your first torch.
Let There Be Light Let There Be Light
Place 100 torches.
Supernova Supernova
Place 1000 torches.
Working Hard Working Hard
Craft a workbench.
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Craft an anvil.
Time For A Better Home Time For A Better Home
Craft a carpentry bench.
Construction Worker Construction Worker
Craft a mason bench.
Tailored To Fit Tailored To Fit
Craft a spinning wheel.
Loom Of Fate Loom Of Fate
Craft a loom.
Cooking Time! Cooking Time!
Craft a cooking pot.
Oh Mama! Oh Mama!
Craft a cooking ware.
Hot Stuff! Hot Stuff!
Craft a forge.
Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker
Craft a tinkerer’s tool.
Roses Are Red Roses Are Red
Craft a dying machine.
Leatherworker Leatherworker
Craft the tanning tools.
Chemist Chemist
Craft the chemistry bench.
Electrician Electrician
Craft the electrician’s bench.
Going Up Going Up
Place 500 ladders.
Leap Of Faith Leap Of Faith
Place 200 bridges.
Bone Crusher Bone Crusher
Kill 50 skeletons.
Slayer Slayer
Kill 1000 mobs.
Butcher Butcher
Kill 100 Critters.
Getting Birds Angry Getting Birds Angry
Kill 50 birds.
Dawn Of The Dead Dawn Of The Dead
Kill 50 zombies.
Fat Kills Fat Kills
Kill 50 Belly Bobs.
Scorpion King Scorpion King
Kill 50 Scorpions.
Squishy Mess Squishy Mess
Kill 200 Slimes.
My Armor Is Better My Armor Is Better
Kill 40 Skeleton Knights.
Gone With A Boom Gone With A Boom
Kill 80 Dynaslimes.
Where Are You? Where Are You?
Kill 50 Blind Skeletons.
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia
Kill 200 spiders.
Where Is My Barrel? Where Is My Barrel?
Kill 20 gorillas.
Grilled Bears Grilled Bears
Kill 50 bears.
Hard As Hell Hard As Hell
Kill 80 obsidian demons.
Unhappy Feet Unhappy Feet
Kill 20 penguins.
Kill Me Softly Kill Me Softly
Kill 100 sheeps.
Milked To Death Milked To Death
Kill 100 cows.
Bacon Factory Bacon Factory
Kill 100 pigs.
You Ripped My Heart You Ripped My Heart
Kill 40 Soul Rippers.
Band Aid Band Aid
Kill 50 Mummies.
Jack's Fried Chickens Jack’s Fried Chickens
Kill 100 Chickens.
Deadly Cute Deadly Cute
Kill 80 Grumpys.
Oh Meow! Oh Meow!
Kill 10 Cats.
It Stings! It Stings!
Kill 30 Spiked Rats.
In Cold Blood In Cold Blood
Kill 70 Worms.
It's Time To Die It’s Time To Die
You knew it would happen.
One More Time One More Time
Die 10 Times.
That's Life That’s Life
Die 100 times.
Death Best Friend Death Best Friend
Die 1000 times!
Death From Above Death From Above
Throw 200 big bombs.
The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins
Welcome to Terra, your home world.
Arid Sands Arid Sands
Travel to Seth, the Egyptian Gods planet.
Living A Dream Living A Dream
Travel to Alba, a beautiful place to live.
Hostile Lands Hostile Lands
Travel to Xeno, the acid planet.
The End Is Near The End Is Near
Travel to Magmar. Will you survive?
Are They Dead? Are They Dead?
Travel to Umbra, the spooky planet.
Spores Everywhere Spores Everywhere
Travel to Mykon, the mushroom planet.
It's Cold Out There It’s Cold Out There
Travel to Cryo, the cold planet.
A Small Step For Jack A Small Step For Jack
Travel to Lilith, the distant moon.
You Call This Archaeology? You Call This Archaeology?
Travel to Yuca, the ruins planet.
Under The Sea Under The Sea
Travel to Thetis, the water planet.
End Of File End Of File
Reach the end of the world.
Head In The Clouds Head In The Clouds
Reach the top of the world.
Better With A Friend Better With A Friend
Join a multiplayer game.
Do Your Homeworks! Do Your Homeworks!
Play for 1 hour.
Plenty Of Time Plenty Of Time
Play for 10 hours.
Get A Life! Get A Life!
Play for 250 hours.