JUDGEMENT SILVERSWORD – Resurrection – Achievement List

Destroy Mirror Shield Destroy Mirror Shield
Destroy Mirror Shield in AREA 20.
Mirror Shield Strikes Back Mirror Shield Strikes Back
Destroy Mirror Shield again in AREA 26.
Easy All Clear Easy All Clear
Clear the EASY Mode.
Normal All Clear Normal All Clear
Clear the NORMAL mode.
x50 Multiplier x50 Multiplier
Reach a x50 score multiplier.
Swordsman of Judgement Swordsman of Judgement
Reach option level 25.
Knight of Justice Knight of Justice
Reach option level 50.
Clear SPECIAL mode.
Last Judgement Last Judgement
Enter AREA 31.
Hidden Achievement
Judgement Gold Sword Judgement Gold Sword
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Trial All Clear Trial All Clear
Clear the TRIAL mode.
Rank A Normal Clear Rank A Normal Clear
Clear NORMAL mode with a global Rank A.
All Scan All Scan
Scan all events in STAGE 3. (Reach a completion of 106.4% in one play.)
Dawn of a New Era Dawn of a New Era
Finish the game with more than one ship left.
Expiation Expiation
Clear NORMAL mode with a global Rank S.
Full Marathon Full Marathon
Play all stages in Marathon mode.
Runner's High Runner’s High
Reach level 50 in any Marathon stage.
Seven Cardinal Sins Seven Cardinal Sins
Meet the Last Boss.