Jigoku Kisetsukan: Sense of the Seasons Achievement List

The Goddess The Goddess
Start the Game
The Apprendice Druid The Apprendice Druid
Complete the first level
The Cursed Girl The Cursed Girl
Complete the second level
The Extraplanar Being The Extraplanar Being
Complete the third level
The Astral Traveler The Astral Traveler
Complete the fourth level
The Wanderer The Wanderer
Complete the game with five characters
The Secret Character The Secret Character
Complete the game with six characters
The Fear of Death The Fear of Death
Complete the game with Tenshi
The Fear of Past and Future Events The Fear of Past and Future Events
Complete the game with Mizuiro
The Fear of Betrayal The Fear of Betrayal
Complete the game with Eiko
The Fear of Social Rejection The Fear of Social Rejection
Complete the game with Nibiiro
The Fear of the Unknown The Fear of the Unknown
Complete the game with Fumin
End of the Fear End of the Fear
Complete the story
Revenge Revenge
Complete the game with ???
Easy Easy
Complete a story at Easy difficulty
Normal Normal
Complete a story at Normal difficulty
Hard Hard
Complete a story at Hard difficulty
Hell Hell
Complete a story at Hell difficulty
Pacifist Pacifist
Complete a story without killing anyone
Immortal Immortal
Complete a story without dying
Angel of Hell Angel of Hell
Complete the game with ??? at Hell difficulty