Jagged Alliance Flashback Achievement List

First Strike First Strike
Complete the first mission
Spicy Affair Spicy Affair
Complete the Spice questline
What, Who, Where? What, Who, Where?
Find a way to Angetta
Dead Prince of San Hermanos Dead Prince of San Hermanos
Kill the prince and complete the game
Side Dish Side Dish
Complete a side mission
Side Chef Side Chef
Complete all side missions
Killer Killer
Kill 25 enemies
Cold-Blooded Killer Cold-Blooded Killer
Kill 100 Enemies
The Reaper The Reaper
Kill 500 enemies
Boom!!! Boom!!!
Destroy 10 environment pieces
Demo Guy Demo Guy
Destroy 50 environment pieces
Demolition Man Demolition Man
Destroy 100 environment pieces
Medic Medic
Use 5 bandages
Healer Healer
Use 25 bandages
Medicine Man Medicine Man
Use 50 bandages
Who Called The Doctor? Who Called The Doctor?
Heal 5 mercenaries in doctor mode
What's Up Doc? What’s Up Doc?
Heal 50 mercenaries in doctor mode
This Is My House This Is My House
Heal 100 mercenaries in doctor mode
Hireling Hireling
Hire 5 Mercenaries
Money Man Money Man
Hire 15 Mercenaries
Big Boss Big Boss
Hire 50 Mercenaries
Baby Boot Camp Baby Boot Camp
Train 5 militia squads
Big Boy Boot Camp Big Boy Boot Camp
Train 25 militia squads
Mercenary Tryouts Mercenary Tryouts
Train 75 militia squads