IWO: Bloodbath in the Bonins Achievement List

Landed! Landed!
Start a new game
Is The Island Secure? Is The Island Secure?
Reach the conclusion of an invasion
Re-Writing History Re-Writing History
Attain a US defeat
Dead Heat Dead Heat
Attain a draw
A Pyrrhic Victory? A Pyrrhic Victory?
Attain a US victory
Dedication Dedication
Attain 2 US victories
Persistence Persistence
Attain 3 US victories
Combatant Combatant
Defeat 20 Japanese Defenders
Fighter Fighter
Defeat 40 Japanese Defenders
Killer Killer
Defeat 70 Japanese Defenders
Warrior Warrior
Defeat 110 Japanese Defenders
East vs West East vs West
Land on both beaches
Making Progress Making Progress
Capture 2 Sectors (excluding Mount Suribachi)
Raising The Flag Raising The Flag
Capture Mount Suribachi
A Little Help A Little Help
Transfer all reserves in one game
Textbook Mission Textbook Mission
Complete a game without transferring any reserve units
Curiosity Curiosity
View the Credits Screen
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power
Research Iwo Jima
Minutes to Learn Minutes to Learn
Learn the game’s rules