Isomorph Achievement List

Half & Half Half & Half
Reach the unreachable laser in Level 2-3.
Wins Anyway Wins Anyway
Don’t use all of the cubes in Level 4-5.
Logician Logician
Open the final door in Level 2-6.
Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers
Activate all three pressure plates at the end of 4-1.
Natural Light Natural Light
Make good use of the platform in Level 3-1.
Falling Falling Falling Falling
Get to the end of Level 1-4.
Warming Up Warming Up
Show your skill in Level 1-6.
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Time your movements correctly.
Walking on Air Walking on Air
Show a mastery of platforms.
Perfect Timing Perfect Timing
Get to the end of Level 4-3.
Where to? Where to?
Finish the game.