Island Defense Achievement List

Master of Combat Master of Combat
Complete level with 3 stars
Special Forces Special Forces
Complete the game
Master of War Master of War
Complete level with 3 stars on Hard Mode
Elite Forces Elite Forces
Complete all levels on Hard Mode
Domination Domination
Complete all levels with 3 stars
Defenders Brotherhood Defenders Brotherhood
Unlock all Heros
Hero Hero
Level up a hero to level 15
Absolute Hero Absolute Hero
Level up all heroes to level 15
Breakthrough Breakthrough
Upgrade tower in the Laboratory
Master of Towers Master of Towers
Upgrade all towers to level 5
Minigun Master Minigun Master
Upgrade Minigun to level 5
Ice Tower Master Ice Tower Master
Upgrade Ice Tower to level 5
Tesla Master Tesla Master
Upgrade Tesla to level 5
Flame Squad Master Flame Squad Master
Upgrade Flame Squad to level 5
Rocktet Launcher Master Rocktet Launcher Master
Upgrade Rocket Launcher to level 5
Sniper Master Sniper Master
Upgrade Sniper to level 5