Ironcast Achievement List

Captain Captain
Reach Global Unlock level 10
Commander Commander
Reach Global Unlock level 20
Lord of Iron Lord of Iron
Reach Global Unlock level 30 
Grand Iron Admiral Grand Iron Admiral
Reach Global Unlock level 40
Titanfell Titanfell
Defeat Commandant René Durant
Rule Britannia! Rule Britannia!
Defeat the final threat facing Britain
Call to Arms Call to Arms
Gain 10,000 War Assets across all campaigns
Big Spender Big Spender
Spend 50,000 scrap across all campaigns
Warlord Warlord
Deal 100,000 damage across all campaigns
Carnage Carnage
Destroy 100 enemies across all campaigns
Distinguished Service Distinguished Service
Complete 100 missions across all campaigns
Augmented Augmented
Equip a passive augmentation in all available slots in a single campaign
Enhanced Enhanced
Equip a systems augmentation in all available slots in a single campaign
Skilled Skilled
Equip an Ironcast ability in all available slots in a single campaign
Fortified Fortified
Upgrade an Ironcast to over 1,250 HP in a single campaign
Node Master Node Master
Match 2,000 nodes in a single campaign
Untouchable Untouchable
Complete a Battle mission without taking any damage
Relentless Assault Relentless Assault
Fire your weapons 6 times in one turn
Stalwart Defence Stalwart Defence
Keep both Shields and Drives active for 5 turns
Reckless Victory Reckless Victory
Win a Battle mission without using any defences
Pacifist Pacifist
Win a Survival mission without attacking any enemy
Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty
Kill 3 Enemies in one mission
Killing Machine Killing Machine
Equip a MKIII or higher system on all four slots in a single campaign
Only The Finest Will Do Only The Finest Will Do
Equip a rare system
Against All Odds Against All Odds
Win a Battle with less than 5% health left
Overdrive Master Overdrive Master
Match 2 Overdrive nodes at the same time
Link Master Link Master
Create a match chain with 4 different types of node
Match Master Match Master
Match 20 or more nodes in a single chain
Overkill Overkill
Kill an enemy with a weapon fired on Overdrive
It's My First Day... It’s My First Day…
Your Ironcast has been destroyed by overheating damage