Investigator Achievement List

Investigator Investigator
Play the game
Secret Room Secret Room
Find the saw room
Dumb =) Dumb =)
Burn on a hot plate
Guitarist Guitarist
Play the guitar
Curious Curious
Find the gnome on 10 level
Avenger Avenger
Kill Steve
Forgiveness Forgiveness
Do not kill Steve
Football Player Football Player
Kick the ball into the goal
Float away, barrel Float away, barrel
Push the barrel into the water
Joker Joker
Find the gnome in the toilet
Arrival Arrival
Complete the first level
Hot guy Hot guy
Warmed by the fire
Garbage man Garbage man
Dial pockets full of garbage
Killer spiders Killer spiders
Kill the spider
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia
Do not kill spider
Dream Dream
Complete the second level
Hide-and-seek Hide-and-seek
Find the gnome at the third location
Plane Crash Plane Crash
Explore the plane
Are you serious? Are you serious?
Get in the face
Feet in hands Feet in hands
Try to get away from Johnny
On The Road Again On The Road Again
Complete the third level
What does not sink What does not sink
Complete the fourth level
Spider behind Spider behind
Complete the fifth level
4 8 15 16 23 42 4 8 15 16 23 42
4 8 15 16 23 42
Meeting with the monster Meeting with the monster
Complete the sixth level
Spider bites Spider bites
You are bitten by a spider at the sixth location
Cold hands Cold hands
Make a snowman
Frozen Frozen
Fall through the Ice
Gnome Hunter Gnome Hunter
Collect five gnomes in the seventh location
Dream in winter night Dream in winter night
Complete the seventh level
Let's hit the road Let’s hit the road
Complete the eighth level
End of the Road End of the Road
Complete the ninth level
Final? Final?
Complete the tenth level
Under every bush Under every bush
Find six gnomes in DLC