Intake Achievement List

Addict Addict
Play 1000 games.
Big Pharma Big Pharma
Earn 1 million total MG.
Real Ultimate Power Real Ultimate Power
Fill your powerup bar 1000 times.
Blind Fury Blind Fury
Kill 10 pills while flashbanged.
Shifting Sands Shifting Sands
Switch colors a total of 10000 times.
Monopoly Monopoly
Buy EVERYTHING in the Drugstore
Remote Detonation Remote Detonation
Kill a bomb without destroying anything else.
Flashbang Flashbang
Flash yourself by hitting a flashbang.
Wild Trip Wild Trip
Flash yourself 5 times past level 50 in a single playthrough.
Points on the Board Points on the Board
Post a score on the high score board.
Capitalist Capitalist
Buy something from the Drugstore.
Vertical Integration Vertical Integration
Max out a product in the Drugstore.
Vanity Vanity
Unlock all the colors Intake has to offer!
Audiophile Audiophile
Unlock all of the music in Intake.
20 / 20 20 / 20
Beat Level 20 in 20 seconds or less.
Blinded By The Light Blinded By The Light
Kill 10 Flashbangs in a single level.
Can't Stop Won't Stop Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
Kill 20 tablets while in between levels.
Captain America Captain America
Kill 20 pills with the shield in a single playthrough.
Cash For Gold Cash For Gold
Tabletize a powerup when the level ends.
Monetization Monetization
Tabletize 10 powerups in a single playthough.
Centurion Centurion
Have a 100-pill-long combo.
Walk 500 Miles Walk 500 Miles
Have a 500-pill-long combo.
Millenium Millenium
Have a 1000-pill-long combo.
Rainbow Rainbow
Kill all 12 tablets in the level end tablet rainbow.
Double Rainbow Double Rainbow
Kill all the tablets in two back-to-back level end tablet rainbows.
Gold At The End Gold At The End
Get 50 Rainbow Bonuses in a single playthrough.
Last Second Savior Last Second Savior
Kill 10 pills after they’ve passed through the shield in a single playthrough.
Precog Precog
Kill 10 pills before they become visible on the screen in a single playthrough.
Fully Medicated Fully Medicated
Kill all of the tablets in Tablet Frenzy.
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Kill 3 pills in 0.3 seconds or less.
Kill 3 pills, switch colors 3 times, and then kill 3 more pills.
The Doctor The Doctor
Get 12 life overfill bonuses.
Tread Lightly Tread Lightly
Go through a Minefield level without setting off a Flashbang.
Defuser Defuser
Kill 10 bombs with the shield in a single level past 50 without losing a life or detonating a bomb yourself.
Expert Defuser Expert Defuser
Kill 20 bombs with the shield in a single level past 50 without losing a life or detonating a bomb yourself.
Bichromial Bichromial
Clear the screen with a Monochrome powerup and then again with the opposite color Monochrome.
Swing and a Miss Swing and a Miss
Deploy a Monochrome powerup and have it kill no pills.
Playing Favorites Playing Favorites
Beat the game with only the Monochrome powerup equipped.
Thor's Hammer Thor’s Hammer
Kill 20 or more pills with a single Lightning powerup.
Bifröst Bifröst
Get a Rainbow Bonus with the Lightning powerup.
Static Electricity Static Electricity
Deploy a Lightning powerup when there’s nothing on screen.
Unbreakable Unbreakable
Kill 20 pills while invincible.
Mushroom Madness Mushroom Madness
Kill 10 pills while Embiggened.
Speeding Bullet Speeding Bullet
Kill 20 pills while in Slow Mo.
Exceeding Dosage Exceeding Dosage
Chain 4 Slow Mo powerups in a row.
Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming
Have Embiggening, Invincibility, and Slo Mo active at the same time.
Escape Velocity Escape Velocity
Detonate a bomb to kill more pills than you need to finish the level.
Ka-Plooey Ka-Plooey
Kill 7 other pills with a single bomb.
Heart Attack Heart Attack
Have five lives, then get a life overfill bonus.
King of the Will King of the Will
Beat Will’s score of 30 million. Rub it in his face. @willstall
Pharmassacre Pharmassacre
Kill 100,000 total pills.
Arr Gee Bee Arr Gee Bee
Switch colors 256 times in a single level…with one eye closed.
Barbershop Barbershop
Fill the powerup bar with alternating colored kills!
Cutting It Close Cutting It Close
Beat a level while 5 pills are below the shield line.
Loved and Lost Loved and Lost
Earn an extra life and lose it again within one second.
Never Change Never Change
Beat a level without ever changing color.
Get a 300 Combo, then lose it.
Weather the Storm Weather the Storm
Kill 30 pills with the shield in an Acceleration level without dying.
30 Pieces of Silver 30 Pieces of Silver
Activate 30 powerups in a single playthrough.
Ex-Speed-Ient Ex-Speed-Ient
Perfectly clear an Acceleration level above level 50.
Almost There Almost There
Get to level 75 from level 1 with no powerups equipped.
Getting There Getting There
Beat level 75 with no powerups equipped, without losing combo or dying.
Checkpoint 25 Checkpoint 25
Reach Level 25
Checkpoint 50 Checkpoint 50
Reach Level 50.
Checkpoint 75 Checkpoint 75
Reach Level 75
Moving On Up Moving On Up
Set your starting level to something higher than level 1.
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Beat the game!
One Man Army One Man Army
Beat the game without losing a life.
Pure Play Pure Play
Beat the game from level 1 with no powerups equipped.
Masocore Masocore
Beat the game starting at level 1 with no powerups equipped, and without losing a life.
Literally Awesome Literally Awesome
Beat the game without losing a life and without breaking your combo.
A New Challenger A New Challenger
Unlock all 4 challenge modes.
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted
Complete all 4 challenge modes.
Acceleration Master Acceleration Master
Get an S rank on the Acceleration challenge.
Flood Master Flood Master
Get an S rank on the Flood challenge.
Minefield Master Minefield Master
Get an S rank on the Minefield challenge.
Reaction Challenge Reaction Challenge
Get an S rank on the Reaction Challenge.