Instant Dungeon! Achievement List

It Begins... It Begins…
Pick up a treasure
All That Glitters All That Glitters
Pick up 1000 treasures
Pick up 10,000 treasures
A Girl's Best Friends A Girl’s Best Friends
Pick up 100 diamonds
50 Ways To Die! 50 Ways To Die!
Die 50 times
Die Monster! Die! Die Monster! Die!
Kill a monster
Die Monsters! Die! Die Monsters! Die!
Kill 50 monsters
Die! Die! SUPER DIE! Die! Die! SUPER DIE!
Kill 500 monsters
Bone Buster! Bone Buster!
Kill 25 Skeletons
Mega Bone Buster! Mega Bone Buster!
Kill 100 Skeletons
Aim for Their Eyes! Aim for Their Eyes!
Kill 100 Cyclops
Wraith Wrecker! Wraith Wrecker!
Kill 25 Wraiths
Mega Wraith Wrecker! Mega Wraith Wrecker!
Kill 100 Wraiths
At Least I Tried... At Least I Tried…
Throw a weapon at a boss
Why Won't You Die?!? Why Won’t You Die?!?
Throw 10 weapons at boss monsters
Two Birds, One Axe Two Birds, One Axe
Kill 2 monsters with 1 axe
One Axe, Three Birds One Axe, Three Birds
Kill 3 monsters with 1 axe
Backdraft! Backdraft!
Kill monsters with both sides of one fireball spell
Fight Fire With Fire! Fight Fire With Fire!
Kill a Pumpkin Demon with a pumpkin bomb
Shocker! Shocker!
Kill 3 monsters with one lightning spell
Ice To See You! Ice To See You!
Kill a monster with a frozen monster
Death On The Rocks! Death On The Rocks!
Kill 2 monsters with one frozen monster
Backstabber! Backstabber!
Stab 10 monsters in the back with a knife
Axe Stabber! Axe Stabber!
Axe 10 monsters in the back
Pumpkin Pie in Your Eye! Pumpkin Pie in Your Eye!
Kill 25 monsters with pumpkin bombs
Popscicle Factory! Popscicle Factory!
Freeze 25 monsters
I'll Cut You! I’ll Cut You!
Throw 50 knives
Fire Starter! Fire Starter!
Cast 50 fireball spells
Light My Fire! Light My Fire!
Light 50 torches
Let There Be Light! Let There Be Light!
Use 50 light spells
You're Psychic! You’re Psychic!
Use 50 crystal balls
Time After Time! Time After Time!
Use 50 time freeze spells
Well, Bust My Buckler! Well, Bust My Buckler!
Break 50 shields
I've Got a Headache! I’ve Got a Headache!
Break 50 helemts
Dragon Escape! Dragon Escape!
Escape from the Red Dragon in Action Recipe
Run From The Dracolich! Run From The Dracolich!
Dodge the Dracolich in Action Recipe
Pumpkin Patch Survivor Pumpkin Patch Survivor
Sneak past the Pumpkin Master in Action Recipe
Later, Frosty! Later, Frosty!
Exit the lair of the Blue Dragon in Action Recipe
Dodgerock! Dodgerock!
Escape the Stone Giants in Action Recipe
Awed But Not Shocked! Awed But Not Shocked!
Survive the Wizard in Action Recipe
Deep Dungeoning! Deep Dungeoning!
Reach Level 50 in any game flavor
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Reach Round 10 in Practice Formula
Mild Mannered Mild Mannered
Reach Level 30 in Weak Sauce
Errand Boy Errand Boy
Complete 50 quests in Adventure Mix
My Friends' Keeper My Friends’ Keeper
Rescue 25 friends in Rescue Relish
I Like It Dark! I Like It Dark!
Reach Level 15 in Dark Roast
Sweet, Sweet Succor! Sweet, Sweet Succor!
Reach Level 10 in Soul Succor
Who's The Boss? Who’s The Boss?
Reach Level 12 in Boss Blend
Like A Boss! Like A Boss!
Reach Level 24 in Boss Blend
All Mashed Up! All Mashed Up!
Survive to Round 15 in Maxima Mash