Inside Me Achievement List

Collector100 Collector100
Gather 100 energy
Collector300 Collector300
Gather 300 energy
Collector500 Collector500
Gather 500 energy
Genetrix Genetrix
Kill Genetrix
Spiker Spiker
Kill Spiker
 Infected agent Infected agent
Kill the infected agent
Invincible Invincible
Complete whole game without dying
Demoman Demoman
Blow up protective fields in main game
The dark side The dark side
Complete the dark level
Frozen Demoman Frozen Demoman
Freeze protective fields and blow them up in main game
The first wave The first wave
Survive the first wave
The second wave The second wave
Survive the second wave
The third wave The third wave
Survive the third wave
The forth wave The forth wave
Survive the forth wave
The fifth wave The fifth wave
Survive the fifth wave
The sixth wave The sixth wave
Survive the sixth wave
The seventh wave The seventh wave
Survive the seventh wave
The eighth wave The eighth wave
Survive the eighth wave
The ninth wave The ninth wave
Survive the ninth wave
The tenth wave The tenth wave
Survive as long as you can
Leviathan Leviathan
Kill Leviathan