Infinite Game Works Episode 0 Achievement List

Pro Visual Novel Player Pro Visual Novel Player
Knows how skip previously seen text
Aki's Musical Future Aki’s Musical Future
Aki reaches her musical future.
Aki Becoming Aki Becoming “Ideal”
Aki embraces her “ideal” future.
Aki's CEO Future Aki’s CEO Future
Aki’s future as a CEO
Cleo's Artistic Destiny Cleo’s Artistic Destiny
Cleo reaches her artistic future
Cleo's Economics Cleo’s Economics
Cleo becomes an economist
Cleo the Coder Cleo the Coder
Cleo becomes a coder
Completed Game Completed Game
Finished game
Justin joins a company Justin joins a company
Probably is a major stockholder now too
Made 500K Made 500K
Yet you still live in a plain room
Aki's Emotions Aki’s Emotions
Have a moment with Aki
Cleo's Emotions Cleo’s Emotions
Have moment with Cleo