Infested Planet Achievement List

Grand Master Grand Master
Win a capture map at Terminus difficulty.
Master Master
Win a capture map at Abyss difficulty.
Expert Expert
Win a capture map at Ruins difficulty.
Raider King Raider King
Kill all hives on a raid map at Terminus difficulty.
Raider Captain Raider Captain
Kill all hives on a raid map at Abyss difficulty.
Raider Raider
Kill all hives on a raid map at Ruins difficulty.
Opening Gambits Opening Gambits
Finish the Opening Gambits mission.
Warpath Warpath
Finish the Warpath mission.
Arsenal Arsenal
Finish the Arsenal mission.
Foundations Foundations
Finish the Foundations mission.
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
Finish the Blitzkrieg mission.
Crow's Neck Crow’s Neck
Finish the Crow’s Neck mission.
Science Station Science Station
Finish the Science Station mission.
Contact Contact
Finish the Contact mission.
Night and Day Night and Day
Finish the Night and Day mission.
Preparations Preparations
Finish the Preparations mission.
The Return The Return
Finish the The Return mission.
Memento Mori Memento Mori
Finish the Memento Mori mission.
Anabasis Anabasis
Finish the Anabasis mission.
Tension Tension
Finish the Tension mission.
Periapsis Periapsis
Finish the Periapsis mission.
Endgame Endgame
Finish the Endgame mission and the campaign.
Sudden Strike Sudden Strike
Kill all hives in the Sudden Strike mission.
Early Dawn Early Dawn
Finish Night and Day in 11 minutes or faster.
General Stonewall General Stonewall
Finish Night and Day without losing a point
Champion Courier Champion Courier
Finish Preparations within 10 minutes.
Thou Shalt Not Pass Thou Shalt Not Pass
Finish Memento Mori while holding more than 1 point.
Get Your Own Get Your Own
Finish Tension without losing a crate to the aliens.
Bunker Benefactor Bunker Benefactor
Finish Periapsis without losing a bunker.
Back From The Dead Back From The Dead
Undo 10 mutations at once during the Endgame mission.
Broken Arrow Broken Arrow
Finish a random capture mission with the Sharp Spikes mutation.
Hive-B-Gone Hive-B-Gone
Finish a random capture mission with the Burrowing Hive mutation.
Guard Slayer Guard Slayer
Finish a random capture mission with the Guardians mutation.
Clone Killer Clone Killer
Finish a random capture mission with the Clone Strike mutation.
Tinkerer Tinkerer
Start a skirmish custom map.
Armed To The Teeth Armed To The Teeth
Unlock all weapons, tech and buildings in the campaign.