Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp Achievement List

Sniper Sniper
Kill a molecule that has only one or two sides exposed
Farmer Farmer
Harvest four proteins in one turn
Mediator Mediator
Resolve a personnel conflict
Resequencer Resequencer
Swap two molecules in the sample
Fixer Fixer
Resolve any event
Testing 1.. 2.. 3.. Testing 1.. 2.. 3..
Engage in animal testing
Hazmats deployed Hazmats deployed
Use an ability that improves your containment
Cheap labour Cheap labour
Use an intern ability
Technologist Technologist
Successfully use a machine
Futurist Futurist
Purchase an upgrade for one of your machines
Picky Picky
Discard a card in the store
Kitting out Kitting out
Purchase a piece of equipment
Team Building Team Building
Hire a person
Hoarder Hoarder
Purchase everything available in the store
Victory! Victory!
Complete any level
Complete level 5
M.Sc. M.Sc.
Complete level 10
M.D. M.D.
Complete level 16
Everyone is dead Everyone is dead
Lose a level
Rich Rich
Max out your bank account at $20k
Retail therapy Retail therapy
Empty your bank account
For science! For science!
Complete every AV list item in a given game
Combo Kill Combo Kill
Destroy 3 molecules in one turn
Close Call Close Call
Win when the death toll is at pandemic stage
Not that severe Not that severe
Win a level that has the severe mutation modifier
Who needs money Who needs money
Win a level that has the limited funding modifier
Freemium champ Freemium champ
Win a level that has the lab rental modifier
Hyper combo Hyper combo
Destroy 5 molecules in one turn
Ultra Combo Ultra Combo
Destroy 7 molecules in one turn
For a Rainy Day For a Rainy Day
Hold 20K in bank for 3 turns
Win Streak Win Streak
Win 5 consecutive custom games
Win Streak+ Win Streak+
Win 10 consequtive custom games
Wni Streak++ Wni Streak++
Win 20 consequitive custom games
Slow and Steady Slow and Steady
Win by harvesting no more than 2 proteins per turn
Technomancer Technomancer
Upgrade all machines
Tight Fisted Tight Fisted
Beat level 6 or above when making no purchases