Incandescent Achievement List

Getting Started Getting Started
Kill 10 enemies in one game
Getting Really Started Getting Really Started
Kill 100 enemies in one game.
Getting On Quite Well Getting On Quite Well
Kill 1000 enemies in one game.
First Wave First Wave
Complete the first wave.
Fifth Wave Fifth Wave
Complete the 5 waves.
Boss Wave Boss Wave
Complete the first boss wave.
Boss Wave 2 Boss Wave 2
Complete 2 boss waves in one game.
The Ultimate Test The Ultimate Test
Complete 50 waves in one game.
Agile Agile
Kill 20 enemies without being damaged.
Untouchable Untouchable
Kill 50 enemies without being damaged.
Screen Wipe Screen Wipe
Kill 30 enemies with 1 bomb.
Like A Boss Like A Boss
Kill 5 bosses in a single game.
True Warrior True Warrior
Kill 1000 enemies without dying.
Invincible Invincible
Kill 500 enemies without dying.
Killing Spree Killing Spree
Kill 100 enemies without dying.