In Between Achievement List

Fulfillment Fulfillment
Complete all levels
Knowledge Knowledge
Complete Tutorial
Courage Courage
Complete Denial
Serenity Serenity
Complete Anger
Unity Unity
Complete Bargaining
Fortune Fortune
Complete Depression
Redemption Redemption
Complete Acceptance
Yodo Yodo
Complete the game without dying
Memories Memories
Reach all MindImages
Fragments Fragments
Reach one MindImage
Defy Gravity Defy Gravity
Do a successful gravityzone jump
Thank you Thank you
Watch the credits
Don't accept your fate Don’t accept your fate
Complete five acceptance loops
Embrace your fate Embrace your fate
Die 100 times
Find a way through Find a way through
There’s more than one route to follow.
Hope Hope
Find the 5 hidden glimmers of hope.