Imagine Me Achievement List

Pick Lock Pro Pick Lock Pro
Pick lock your first door
Falling is Fun Falling is Fun
Falling into the Darkness
Trampoline's Forever Trampoline’s Forever
Jump on a Trampoline 100 times
Generate A Dungeon Generate A Dungeon
Begin a Dungeon in Campaign
Tysjacha Tysjacha
Fall for the 15th Time
Remain Strong Remain Strong
Defeat One Boss
Conquer the Nightmare Conquer the Nightmare
Defeat Two Bosses
Peace at Last Peace at Last
Defeat Three Bosses
Halfway There Halfway There
Complete 50% of the Challenge Levels
Full Tank Full Tank
Complete All Challenge Levels
Check the Memory Book Check the Memory Book
Complete One Story Page
Nice Game Developers Nice Game Developers
Move a Crate. Have an Achievement.