Ignite Achievement List

Racer Racer
Win a Race event. (Campaign mode)
Recharger Recharger
Win a Run Out event. (Campaign mode)
Last Man standing Last Man standing
Win a Knockout event. (Campaign mode)
Careerist Careerist
Win the Campaign mode. (Campaign mode)
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Win at least one Race with all cars. (Campaign mode)
True Ignite fan True Ignite fan
Win all Gold medal. (Campaign mode)
Reversi Reversi
Go through the finish line reversed, and win a Race. (Campaign mode)
Spin along Spin along
Drift your car through the finish line and win a Race. (Campaign mode)
Collector Collector
Collect 50.000 points during a Race. (Campaign mode)
Skimpy Skimpy
Win a Race without using nitro. (Campaign mode)
Spender Spender
Win a Race with burning all your score. (Campaign mode)
Antiscratch Antiscratch
Win a Race without crasing into the wall. (Campaign mode)
Friendly Friendly
Win a Race without hitting any opponents. (Campaign mode)
Deviant Deviant
Win a Race with hitting all opponents. (Campaign mode)
Dodge lover Dodge lover
Win a Race without hitting any objects. (Campaign mode)
Professional Professional
Win 5 Races in a row. (Campaign mode)
Last Guy Last Guy
Be the last in the Summary 10 times.
CueBall CueBall
Crash into the wall 500 times.
Deficit Deficit
Gain 5000 minus points without a break during a Race.
Roadblock hunter Roadblock hunter
Collect 2000 points by hitting the objects without a break.
Ice Skater Ice Skater
Collect 4000 points by drifting your car.
Spinning wheels Spinning wheels
Gain 100 ‘Drift King’ title.
Master of Destruction Master of Destruction
Gain 100 ‘Demolition Man’ title.
Drift King Drift King
Earn 3 ‘Drift King’ title in a row.
Demolition Man Demolition Man
Earn 3 ‘Demolition Man’ title in a row.
Afterburner Afterburner
Drive a lap with continuously burning nitro.
Community Community
Play a Race against 4 human opponents. (Multiplayer mode)
Champion Champion
Win 5 times in a row. (Multiplayer mode)