Iggy’s Egg Adventure Achievement List

Finders Keepers Finders Keepers
Collect 1 large egg
Full Set Full Set
Collect 5 large eggs
Egg Hunter Egg Hunter
Collect 10 large eggs
Collector Collector
Collect 25 large eggs
Hoarder Hoarder
Collect 50 large eggs
Gotta Break a Few... Gotta Break a Few…
Collect 99 large eggs
...To Make an Omelet …To Make an Omelet
Collect all large eggs
Circle of Life Circle of Life
Kill 10 cavemen
Primal Hunter Primal Hunter
Kill 100 cavemen
Apex Predator Apex Predator
Kill 1000 cavemen
Soft-Boiled Soft-Boiled
Collect 100 small eggs
Scrambled Scrambled
Collect 1000 small eggs
Poached Poached
Collect 5000 small eggs
Sunny Side Up Sunny Side Up
Collect 10000 small eggs
Hard-Boiled Hard-Boiled
Collect 25000 small eggs
Fishy Situation Fishy Situation
Get eaten by a Whale
Where's the Goat? Where’s the Goat?
Get eaten by a T-Rex
A Lovely Weekend... A Lovely Weekend…
Escape the T-Rex
Oops... Oops…
Die 1 time
Accident Prone Accident Prone
Die 10 times
Extinction Theorist Extinction Theorist
Die 100 times
Life Will Find a Way Life Will Find a Way
Retry a level from the Gave Over screen
Must Go Faster... Must Go Faster…
Get Bronze or better on any Time Attack
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast
Get Silver or better on any Time Attack
Fast Track Fast Track
Get Gold on any Time Attack
Marathon Marathon
Get Bronze or better on every Time Attack
Speed Demon Speed Demon
Get Silver or better on every Time Attack
Fastest Thing on Two Feet Fastest Thing on Two Feet
Get Gold on every Time Attack
Bully! Bully!
Defeat the Bull Pachycephalosaurus
Drums in the Deep Drums in the Deep
Defeat the Cave Harvestman
Scorpion King Scorpion King
Defeat the Giant Scorpion
Top of the Food Chain Top of the Food Chain
Defeat the T-Rex
Like it Never Happened... Like it Never Happened…
Defeat the Spinosaurus
Clever Boy... Clever Boy…
Defeat the Caveman Shaman
Butting Heads Butting Heads
Unlock Patrick
Best Phriends Best Phriends
Unlock Phredrick
That's Terrific! That’s Terrific!
Unlock Terry
Making Friends Making Friends
Unlock all playable characters
Smashing! Smashing!
Unlock the Dapper Iggy costume
Cosplay Convention Cosplay Convention
Unlock all costumes for all characters
Seriously, Thanks! Seriously, Thanks!
Watch the credits for Iggy’s Egg Adventure
Prehistoric Professional Prehistoric Professional
Complete Iggy’s Egg Adventure with 0 deaths on a single profile