If My Heart Had Wings Achievement List

Welcome Welcome
Start the game.
Movie I Movie I
Watch the first opening movie.
Movie II Movie II
Watch the second opening movie.
Movie III Movie III
Watch the ending movie.
Gallery Gallery
Open the gallery.
Never Give Up Never Give Up
Finish the common routes.
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Complete the game for the first time.
Cool 'Allule' Cool ‘Allule’
Complete the Kotori route.
Amane Senpai Amane Senpai
Complete the Amane route.
Classmates Classmates
Complete the Ageha route.
Asa Is the Elder Twin Sister Asa Is the Elder Twin Sister
Complete the Asa route.
Yoru Is the Younger Twin Sister Yoru Is the Younger Twin Sister
Complete the Yoru route.
Too Bad! Too Bad!
Fail to complete any route.
Astonishing! Astonishing!
Complete all routes.
First Contact First Contact
Watch a cutscene for the first time.
Approach Approach
Watch 20% of the cutscenes.
Take-Off Take-Off
Watch 40% of the cutscenes.
Soar Soar
Watch 60% of the cutscenes.
Glide Glide
Watch 80% of the cutscenes.
Morning Glory Morning Glory
Watch all of the cutscenes.