Iesabel Achievement List

The beginning of a journey The beginning of a journey
Reach the 11th level
A tip of an iceberg A tip of an iceberg
Reach the 22nd level
Few more steps Few more steps
Reach the 33rd level
Getting there Getting there
Reach the 44th level
Reach for the stars Reach for the stars
Reach the 55th level
Wow. Many hard. Such level Wow. Many hard. Such level
Reach the 66th level
I like shiny things! I like shiny things!
Have an epic/unique/legendary item equipped in every slot
An appropriate warrior An appropriate warrior
Complete Iesabel on easy difficulty mode
A good warrior A good warrior
Complete Iesabel on medium difficulty mode
An ultimate warrior An ultimate warrior
Complete Iesabel on hard difficulty mode
A mechanic A mechanic
Craft and enchant any rune
Master of offense Master of offense
Max an active skill
Master of resistance Master of resistance
Max a passive skill
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Max a least one characteristic
No need to rush No need to rush
Complete Act 2 with running toggled off
Burn it with fire Burn it with fire
Kill the Black Widow without receiving damage
Untouchable Untouchable
Complete a location killing all the enemies and not losing any health
The perfectionist The perfectionist
Complete all quests
Fast traveler Fast traveler
Find all stone portals
Let's get together. Let’s get together.
Join a multiplayer game
Team player Team player
Complete the game in co-op
Seeder Seeder
Host 30 servers total
I plus four I plus four
Play a 5-player game
Blah, blah, blah... Blah, blah, blah…
Talk through every dialogue in the game. No skipping
Curious adventurer Curious adventurer
Watch the credits
That was really close That was really close
Kill any boss while having <10% HP
Necks are for sheep. Be a shark Necks are for sheep. Be a shark
Don’t use Amulet of life-saving throughout the entire game
Gold gatherer Gold gatherer
Gather a total of 150.000 gold
Gold digger Gold digger
Gather a total of 500.000 gold
Hey, nice chest! Hey, nice chest!
Open 30 chests
Yarr a pirate! Yarr a pirate!
Open 100 chests
Vandal Vandal
Destroy 30 barrels
Hooligan Hooligan
Destroy 100 barrels
Bloody hands Bloody hands
Plunder 30 bodies
Hey! That's not yours! Hey! That’s not yours!
Plunder 100 bodies
Killing Spree! Killing Spree!
Kill 2 500 foes
Rampage! Rampage!
Kill 7 500 foes
Dominating! Dominating!
Kill 20 000 foes
Unstoppable! Unstoppable!
Kill 50 000 foes
Godlike! Godlike!
Kill 100 000 foes
Ball fondler Ball fondler
Collect 100 orbs
Ball enthusiast Ball enthusiast
Collect 500 orbs
Seller Seller
Sell objects worth 25 000 gold
Merchant of Kaidan Merchant of Kaidan
Sell objects worth 100 000 gold
Bone crusher Bone crusher
Kill 666 skeletons
What is this thing? What is this thing?
Identify 15 items
Heavy drinker Heavy drinker
Use 150 potions
Are you even trying? Are you even trying?
Get killed 100 times