Idle Civilization Achievement List

Writer's Block Writer’s Block
You’ve researched Writing and can now freely express yourself.
Colonial Matters Colonial Matters
You’ve created your first colony! The first step in colonizing the world.
Adventurous Adventurous
You’ve completed all three Adventures!
Ancient Magic Ancient Magic
Where do these fragments come from? Nevertheless, you have enough to build a Wonder.
Barkeep Barkeep
Another round? Your heroes seem to like the drinks here!
Conqueror Conqueror
The free world is free to bow down to you!
Forefather Forefather
You’re probably the forefather of most of your kingdom by now! Out of 100,000 people, you’re bound to have sired several thousand.
Scientist Scientist
250 new inventions all paid for by you! That makes you a scientist…probably!
Thespian Thespian
Culture is your greatest passion and your greatest weakness!
Zealot Zealot
Your warriors’ conviction is only matched by your own.
A Roof over our heads A Roof over our heads
We are no longer exposed to the elements, we have our first hut!
Trials and Tribulations Trials and Tribulations
You have gained and you have lost…
The Covinari The Covinari
The finest sellswords in all the world are at your disposal.
The Things I Have Seen The Things I Have Seen
If I hadn’t been there to see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it…
Infinite Granary Infinite Granary
The only issue here is that you need infinite space in order to maintain an infinite granary.
Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Effect
I dare you to try and find some shade now!
Center Of The Planet Center Of The Planet
We can dig no further, we’ve practically reached the very core of the planet.