Ice Lakes Achievement List

Fish Story Fish Story
Catch the biggest fish in any competition.
Drills of Steel Drills of Steel
Drill 1000 holes.
Catch a Fish Catch a Fish
Catch your first fish.
First Contact First Contact
Catch 15 different species
Fish-O-Matic! Fish-O-Matic!
Catch 50 fishes during one competition.
Hoarder Hoarder
Collect 40 items.
Wormicide Wormicide
Use 100 baits.
2 kg whitefish 2 kg whitefish
Catch a 2 kg whitefish.
Fishmonger Fishmonger
Earn 5000 coins from selling fishes.
Champion Champion
Win all the competitions in one tournament.
It was this big! It was this big!
Lose 25 fishes.
Marathon Fishing Marathon Fishing
Reach top three in 3 h competition.
Epic Fish Epic Fish
Catch a fish weighing more than 10 kg.
The Last Stand The Last Stand
Catch a fish during the last minute and reach the starting zone in time.
Fish Machina Fish Machina
Catch a fish from every hole you drill during a competition.
Asp Asp
Catch 25 Asps
Bream Bream
Catch 50 Breams
Brook Trout Brook Trout
Catch 25 Brook trouts
Brown Trout Brown Trout
Catch 50 Brown trouts
Burbot Burbot
Catch 10 Burbots
Chub Chub
Catch 25 Chubs
Crucian Carp Crucian Carp
Catch 30 Crucian carps
Eel Eel
Catch 20 Eels
Ide Ide
Catch 20 Ides
Perch Perch
Catch 200 Perches
Pike Pike
Catch 75 Pikes
Prussian Carp Prussian Carp
Catch 30 Prussian carps
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout
Catch 30 Rainbow Trouts
Roach Roach
Catch 250 Roaches
Rudd Rudd
Catch 50 Rudds
Salmon Salmon
Catch 50 Salmons
Tench Tench
Catch 30 Tenches
Zander Zander
Catch 25 Zanders
Ruffe Ruffe
Catch 300 Ruffes
Whitefish Whitefish
Catch 50 Whitefishes
Bluegill Bluegill
Catch 200 Bluegills
Crappie Crappie
Catch 200 Crappies
Flounder Flounder
Catch 25 Flounders
Second Contact Second Contact
Catch 20 different species
Catfish Catfish
Catch 25 Catfish
Smelts Smelts
Catch 30 Smelts
Fished Here and There Fished Here and There
Fish from 10 different maps
Largemouth Bass Largemouth Bass
Catch 30 Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass Smallmouth Bass
Catch 30 Smallmouth Bass
Sturgeon Sturgeon
Catch 10 Sturgeon
Third Encounter Third Encounter
Catch 25 different species