I Shall Remain Achievement List

First blood First blood
Kill one Infected
Apprentice Apprentice
Read one book
Gobber Gobber
Kill Gobber
Brotherly instinct Brotherly instinct
Find Michael, your brother
End of watch End of watch
Finish Prologue
Beizel Beizel
Kill Beizel
Coloth Coloth
Kill Coloth
First step First step
Meet Dr. Andre Gratia
Engineer Engineer
Repair the tank
Ghunter Ghunter
Kill Ghunter
Julia Julia
Meet Julia
Linger Linger
Kill Linger
Realdead Man Realdead Man
Kill Realdead Man
Vilebyrd Vilebyrd
Kill Vilebyrd
Rising star Rising star
Reach level 10 with main character
Major Pain Major Pain
Reach level 20 with main character
Wolf of New York Wolf of New York
Reach level 30 with main character
Colossus Colossus
Reach level 40 with main character
I read I read
Read 10 books
Scholar Scholar
Read 20 books
Book worm Book worm
Read 30 books
Fire at will Fire at will
Kill 100 infected
Berserker Berserker
Kill 200 infected
Wrecking ball Wrecking ball
Kill 500 infected
Overkill Overkill
Kill 1000 infected
The Undertaker The Undertaker
Kill 5000 infected
Dentist Dentist
Use medical actions 10 times
Nurse Nurse
Use medical actions 50 times
Surgeon Surgeon
Use medical actions 100 times
There is a doctor in the house There is a doctor in the house
Use medical actions 500 times
Gun engraver Gun engraver
Use mechanical actions 10 times
Weapons medic Weapons medic
Use mechanical actions 50 times
Pistolsmith Pistolsmith
Use mechanical actions 100 times
Manufacturer Manufacturer
Use mechanical actions 500 times
Bombs away! Bombs away!
Throw 10 grenades
Human catapult Human catapult
Throw 50 grenades
Bazooka man Bazooka man
Throw 100 grenades
Rain of fire Rain of fire
Throw 500 grenades
Potato farmer Potato farmer
Plant 10 mines
Explosive Digger Explosive Digger
Plant 50 mines
Mine field person Mine field person
Plant 100 mines
Landscape artist Landscape artist
Plant 500 mines
Tommy Tommy
Recruit Tommy
Andrea Andrea
Recruit Andrea
Patrick Patrick
Recruit Patrick
Cathy Cathy
Recruit Cathy
Thomas Thomas
Recruit Thomas
Jim Jim
Recruit Jim
C.J. C.J.
Recruit C.J.
Chemist Chemist
Unlock Tommy’s second ability
Not today! Not today!
Unlock Andrea’s second ability
Eagle eye Eagle eye
Unlock Patrick’s second ability
IQ infusion IQ infusion
Unlock Cathy’s second ability
Giant slayer Giant slayer
Unlock Thomas’s second ability
Art of guns Art of guns
Unlock Jim’s second ability
General General
Unlock C.J.’s second ability
To take a Lion's head To take a Lion’s head
Kill 10 elite infected
Surf the turf Surf the turf
Kill 50 elite infected
Big boss man Big boss man
Kill 100 elite infected
A new don A new don
Kill 500 elite infected
Civilian Civilian
Finish the story on Easy difficulty
Private Private
Finish the story on Normal difficulty
Sergeant Sergeant
Finish the story on Hard difficulty
Captain Captain
Finish the story on Impossible difficulty
Major Major
Finish the story on Easy difficulty (Hardcore)
Colonel Colonel
Finish the story on Normal difficulty (Hardcore)
Major General Major General
Finish the story on Hard difficulty (Hardcore)
General of the Army General of the Army
Finish the story on Impossible difficulty (Hardcore)
Classic Classic
Finish the game without using any unique weapon
Athlete Athlete
Finish the game with “Athlete” perk
Fighter Fighter
Finish the game with “Fighter” perk
Detective Detective
Finish the game with “Detective” perk
Policeman Policeman
Finish the game with “Policeman” perk
Trooper Trooper
Finish the game with “Trooper” perk
Agent Agent
Finish the game with “Agent” perk
Sapper Sapper
Finish the game with “Sapper” perk
Chieftain Chieftain
Finish the game with “Chieftain” perk
Survivalist Survivalist
Finish the game with “Survivalist” perk
Wilson Wilson
Kill Wilson
Bunny Bunny
Kill Bunny
Guardian Guardian
Kill Guardian
De Rossi De Rossi
Kill De Rossi
Freddy Freddy
Kill Freddy
Geronimo Geronimo
Kill Geronimo
Hetzenauer Hetzenauer
Kill Hetzenauer
Hunterlag Hunterlag
Kill Hunterlag
Infant Infant
Kill Infant
Child Child
Kill Child
Kramer Kramer
Kill Kramer
Krass Krass
Kill Krass
Lisard Lisard
Kill Lisard
Big Brother Big Brother
Kill Big Brother
Martha Martha
Kill Martha
Monk Monk
Kill Monk
Murthog Murthog
Kill Murthog
Newborn Newborn
Kill Newborn
Reaper Reaper
Kill Reaper
Renan Renan
Kill Renan
Strider Strider
Kill Strider
Crawler Aberration Crawler Aberration
Kill Crawler Aberration
Mantis Aberration Mantis Aberration
Kill Mantis Aberration
Halfing Aberration Halfing Aberration
Kill Halfing Aberration
Carrie Carrie
Kill Carrie