I and Me Achievement List

The Wind of Spring The Wind of Spring
Start a new journey
The Rain of Summer The Rain of Summer
Unlock Chapter 2
The Leaf of Autumn The Leaf of Autumn
Unlock Chapter 3
The Snow of Winter The Snow of Winter
Unlock Chapter 4
Pastorale Symphony Pastorale Symphony
Finish Chapter 1
The Garden of Words The Garden of Words
Finish Chapter 2
Strings Strings
Finish Chapter 3
You jump, I jump You jump, I jump
Jump a total of 2000 times
The Hedgehog Legion The Hedgehog Legion
In Level 1-14, survive for 15 seconds among the Hedgehog Legion
No lighting No lighting
In Level 4-4, get through without using oil lanterns
The Dream Monologue The Dream Monologue
Read all the scattered letters, unlock the hidden barrier
Awaken From The Dream Awaken From The Dream
Unlock all the levels