I am Weapon: Revival Achievement List

Stronghold Stronghold
Buy best armor
Adrenaline addict Adrenaline addict
Collect 100 adrenaline mixes
Awakening Awakening
Complete the game
Déjà vu Déjà vu
Complete the game in co-op mode
Living nightmare Living nightmare
Complete the game at Nightmare difficulty
Dreamer Dreamer
Find all white prototypes on six levels
Volunteer Volunteer
Complete a side quest
Wishmaster Wishmaster
Find all prototypes
Moneybags Moneybags
Collect 300 000 souls
Song of fire Song of fire
Kill 200 burning enemies with a sword
I am Weapon I am Weapon
Kill 25 enemies in 2 seconds
Puppeteer Puppeteer
Kill 2000 enemies by means of other enemies
Song of ice Song of ice
Kill 200 frozen enemies with an axe
Stay away Stay away
Kill 2500 enemies with a long-range weapon
Mr Fixit Mr Fixit
Use every long-range weapon of main campaign
Hidden Achievement
Bloodbath Bloodbath
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Come here Come here
Kill 2500 enemies with a melee weapon
2 for 1 2 for 1
Start the game in co-op mode
Down the rabbit hole Down the rabbit hole
Meet Firefly
Fear of the unknown Fear of the unknown
Open all safes
Rampage Rampage
Join three players in co-op mode
Shopping therapy Shopping therapy
Spend 900 000 souls
Max out an ability “Get max hearts”
Lucid dream Lucid dream
Use all active abilities
Empathy Empathy
Complete all the side quests
The path of the Warrior The path of the Warrior
Complete Chief’s quest
Back in their places Back in their places
Help the Madman and Criminal
Treasure hunter Treasure hunter
Complete Pirate’s quest
Game of shadows Game of shadows
Solve the shadow puzzle
Pure reason Pure reason
Cross the Swamp of Illusions
Sleepwalking Sleepwalking
Walk through the Isles of Memories
Quicksands Quicksands
Cross the Desert of Lost Time
At the edge At the edge
Walk through the Eternal Ice
Hearteater Hearteater
Use 100 hearts