Hypnosis Achievement List

First Hypnosis First Hypnosis
For entering Detective Schwartz’ consciousness!
We Won't Die We Won’t Die
For completing the artist’s consciousness!
Everything's OK Everything’s OK
For completing Victor’s consciousness!
The Spirits Are Satisfied The Spirits Are Satisfied
For completing the medicine woman’s consciousness!
Nobel Prize Nobel Prize
For completing Prof. Einbock’s consciousness!
The World is OK The World is OK
For easing the programmer’s mind!
Apocalypse Apocalypse
Excellent! The apocalypse has started!
Goodbye, Cosmic Spirit Goodbye, Cosmic Spirit
The Cosmic Spirit is at peace.
Phobia's Nightmare Phobia’s Nightmare
For defeating 10 phobias!
Phobia's Hell Phobia’s Hell
For defeating 20 phobias!
Phobia's Inferno Phobia’s Inferno
For defeating 30 phobias!
The Reaper The Reaper
For defeating all of the phobias!
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye
For finding all the hidden gems!
A Great Find A Great Find
For finding your first hidden gem!
Halfway There Halfway There
For finishing half of the game!
Hint Lover Hint Lover
For using 30 hints!
Psychogram Psychogram
For listening to the first psychogram!
Psychogram Master Psychogram Master
For listening to all of the psychograms!
A Small Stone A Small Stone
For finding the meteorite!
Who's Here? Who’s Here?
For finding Dr. Blanche!
Hypnosis Fan Hypnosis Fan
For finishing the game twice!
Hypnosis Follower Hypnosis Follower
For finishing the game three times!
Frequent Guest Frequent Guest
For launching the game 10 times!
Cloakroom Attendant Cloakroom Attendant
For buying all of the outfits!
Power-up Notice Power-up Notice
For upgrading your power-ups one level!
Power-up Master Power-up Master
For upgrading your power-ups to the maximum level!
The First Star The First Star
For earning your first star!
Shooting Star Shooting Star
For earning 30 stars in phobia battles!
Super Star Super Star
For earning all the stars from the phobia battles!
First Power-Up First Power-Up
For using a power-up!
Second Power-Up Second Power-Up
For using a second power-up!
Power-Up Master Power-Up Master
For using all the power-ups!
Wisdom Wisdom
For replaying a phobia battle!
Stuck on a Phobia Stuck on a Phobia
For replaying a phobia battle five times!