Hyperspace Pinball Achievement List

Centipede Smasher Centipede Smasher
Destroy the level 4 boss
Spin Master Spin Master
Destroy the level 9 boss
Turretiquette Turretiquette
Destroy the level 14 boss
Hyperspace Hero Hyperspace Hero
Destroy the final level boss
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Complete a campaign level without losing a ball
Combo King Combo King
Get a 10x combo in a non-boss stage
You're Not the Boss of Me You’re Not the Boss of Me
Beat at least 4 boss runs
Showing Everyone Who's Boss Showing Everyone Who’s Boss
Beat all the boss runs
The Centennial The Centennial
Kill 100 enemies in endurance mode
Bonus Master Bonus Master
Get a 1,000,000 point bonus from the top sliders
Jacked Up Jacked Up
Get a Jackpot
Duke of Hazards Duke of Hazards
Beat every mini-challenge challenge at least once
Straight to the Points Straight to the Points
Get 1,000,000 points in one game
Rack 'em Up Rack ’em Up
Get 10,000,000 points in one game