Hypersensitive Bob Achievement List

Darkness Darkness
Bring light to the darkness
Big snail Big snail
Destroy the big one!
Surprise snail Surprise snail
Find the big snail on a normal level
Make it Epic Make it Epic
Purchase an Epic item from the store
Make it Legendary Make it Legendary
This round will be Legendary
Shh.. It's a Surprise Shh.. It’s a Surprise
Complete Secret Recipe
Loot! Loot!
Stumble upon loot
Swamp Swamp
There’s something hidden here..
Sewer Sewer
There’s something hidden here..
Lighthouse Lighthouse
There’s something hidden here..
Graveyard Graveyard
There’s something hidden here..
Nuttinger Nuttinger
I’m not afraid of peanuts!
Surgery Surgery
Ouch, this is gonna hurt!
Why is everything moving so fast
Rock Solid Rock Solid
Oh I’ll just hide inside my rock
Billy Billy
Unlock Billy
Spoopy Spoopy
Spoopy unlocked
My friend, Billy My friend, Billy
Beat Nuttinger with Billy
My friend, Spoopy My friend, Spoopy
Beat Nuttinger with Spoopy
Vaccine Machine Vaccine Machine
Find a Vaccine Machine
Level 5 Level 5
Upgrade Vaccine Machine to level 5
Level 10 Level 10
Upgrade Vaccine Machine to level 10
Chargebee Chargebee
Destroy the Chargebee