HyperRogue Achievement List

Reached Desert Reached Desert
Collect Spice.
Ice Explorer Ice Explorer
Find and collect an Ice Diamond.
Hyperbolic Sage Hyperbolic Sage
Collect a Hyperstone.
Reached R'Lyeh Reached R’Lyeh
Collect a Statue of Cthulhu.
Reached the Land of Mirrors Reached the Land of Mirrors
Collect a Mirror Shard.
Reached the Graveyard Reached the Graveyard
Collect Necromancer’s Totem.
Reached the Jungle Reached the Jungle
Collect a Ruby.
Reached Hell Reached Hell
Collect a Demon Daisy.
Reached the Land of Eternal Motion Reached the Land of Eternal Motion
Collect a Phoenix Feather.
Reached the Alchemist Lab Reached the Alchemist Lab
Collect Elixir of Life.
Plantslayer Plantslayer
Killed an Ivy by hand.
Find an Orb of Yendor Find an Orb of Yendor
Find an Orb of Yendor.
Got an Orb of Yendor Got an Orb of Yendor
Find an Orb of Yendor, and collect it.
Flash Wizard Flash Wizard
Killed an enemy with the Flash spell.
Storm Wizard Storm Wizard
Killed a monster with the Lightning spell.
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer
Get enough experience to slay Greater Demons in Hell.
Desert Fox Desert Fox
Collect 10 Spice.
Ice Wolf Ice Wolf
Collect 10 Ice Diamonds.
Cave Goblin Cave Goblin
Collect 10 Gold.
Master of the Hyperboloid Master of the Hyperboloid
Collect 10 Hyperstones.
Cultist of Cthulhu Cultist of Cthulhu
Collect 10 Statues of Cthulhu.
Mirror Ranger Mirror Ranger
Collect 10 Mirror Shards.
Graveyard Zombie Graveyard Zombie
Collect 10 Necromancer Totems.
Jungle Eagle Jungle Eagle
Collect 10 Rubies.
Demon of Hell Demon of Hell
Collect 10 Demon Daisies.
Running Dog Running Dog
Collect 10 Phoenix Feathers.
Slime Master Slime Master
Collect 10 Elixirs of Life.
Desert Worm Desert Worm
Collect 25 Spice.
Yeti Master Yeti Master
Collect 25 Ice Diamonds.
Cave Troll Cave Troll
Collect 25 Gold.
Grandmaster of the Hyperboloid Grandmaster of the Hyperboloid
Collect 25 Hyperstones.
Tentacle of Cthulhu Tentacle of Cthulhu
Collect 25 Statues of Cthulhu.
Mirror Master Mirror Master
Collect 25 Mirror Shards.
Graveyard Ghost Graveyard Ghost
Collect 25 Necromancer Totems.
Jungle Ivy Jungle Ivy
Collect 25 Rubies.
Greater Demon of Hell Greater Demon of Hell
Collect 25 Demon Daisies.
Greater Running Dog Greater Running Dog
Collect 25 Phoenix Feathers.
Alchemist Alchemist
Collect 25 Elixirs of Life.
Master of Desert Master of Desert
Collect 50 Spice.
Master of Ice Master of Ice
Collect 50 Ice Diamonds.
Master of Caves Master of Caves
Collect 50 Gold.
Hyperboloid Prodigy Hyperboloid Prodigy
Collect 50 Hyperstones.
Master of R'Lyeh Master of R’Lyeh
Collect 50 Statues of Cthulhu.
Master of Mirrors and Mirages Master of Mirrors and Mirages
Collect 50 Mirror Shards.
Master Necromancer Master Necromancer
Collect 50 Necromancer’s Totems.
Master of the Jungle Master of the Jungle
Collect 50 Rubies.
Master of Hell Master of Hell
Collect 50 Demon Daisies.
Master of Motion Master of Motion
Collect 50 Phoenix Feathers.
Master Alchemist Master Alchemist
Collect 50 Elixirs of Life.
Flash Archmage Flash Archmage
Killed 5 enemies at once with the Flash spell.
Master of Flash Master of Flash
Killed 10 enemies at once with the Flash spell.
Lightning Archmage Lightning Archmage
Killed 5 enemies at once with the Lightning spell.
Master of Lightning Master of Lightning
Killed 10 enemies at once with the Lightning spell.
Death Runner Death Runner
Killed a monster by leading into the Land of Eternal Motion.
Golem Archmage Golem Archmage
Have five active golems.
Master of Golems Master of Golems
Have ten active golems.
Mirror Archmage Mirror Archmage
Kill two enemies at once with Mirrors or Mirages.
Master of Mirrors Master of Mirrors
Kill three enemies at once with Mirrors or Mirages.
Mirror Wizard Mirror Wizard
Kill an enemy with a Mirror or Mirage.
Reached Dry Forest Reached Dry Forest
Find and collect a Fern Flower.
Forest Warrior Forest Warrior
Collect 10 Fern Flowers.
Forest Fairy Forest Fairy
Collect 25 Fern Flowers.
Master of Forest Master of Forest
Collect 50 Fern Flowers.
Reached Cocytus Reached Cocytus
Find and collect an Ice Sapphire.
Ice Shark Ice Shark
Collect 10 Ice Sapphires.
Crystal Sage Crystal Sage
Collect 25 Ice Sapphires.
Master of Cocytus Master of Cocytus
Collect 50 Ice Sapphires.
Stabber Stabber
Killed an enemy by stabbing it.
Double Stabber Double Stabber
Stabbed two enemies in one turn.
Master Stabber Master Stabber
Stabbed four enemies in two consecutive turns.
General Euclid General Euclid
Gain an army of 35 Mirages in the Euclidean mode.
Reached Vineyard Reached Vineyard
Find and collect Wine.
Vine Beast Vine Beast
Collect 10 bottles of Wine.
Vine Spirit Vine Spirit
Collect 25 bottles of Wine.
Master of Vines Master of Vines
Collect 50 bottles of Wine.
Hyperbug Hyperbug
Find and collect Royal Jelly.
Hyperbug Warrior Hyperbug Warrior
Collect 10 Royal Jellies.
Hyperbug Queen Hyperbug Queen
Collect 25 Royal Jellies.
Master of the Hive Master of the Hive
Collect 50 Royal Jellies.
Reached Dead Caves Reached Dead Caves
Find and collect Silver.
Dark Troll Dark Troll
Collect 10 Silver.
Earth Elemental Earth Elemental
Collect 25 Silver.
Master of Dead Caves Master of Dead Caves
Collect 50 Silver.
Reached Emerald Mine Reached Emerald Mine
Find and collect an Emerald.
Emerald Miner Emerald Miner
Collect 10 Emeralds.
Emerald Pikeman Emerald Pikeman
Collect 25 Emeralds.
Master of Emeralds Master of Emeralds
Collect 50 Emeralds.
Apprentice Witch Apprentice Witch
Find and collect a Powerstone.
Winter Witch Winter Witch
Collect 10 Powerstones.
Flash Witch Flash Witch
Collect 25 Powerstones.
Master of Power Master of Power
Collect 50 Powerstones.
Head Witch Head Witch
Have 10 Orbs active at the same time.
Enemy Number One Enemy Number One
Have an army of 1000 hyperbugs pursue you.
Lifebringer Lifebringer
Bring Life into the Dead Caves.
Wall Gardener Wall Gardener
Make a living wall grow outside of a cavernous region.
Master Swordsman Master Swordsman
Defeat a Hedgehog Warrior, a Pikeman, and a Flail Guard at the same time.
Master of Melee Master of Melee
Defeat five monsters in melee at the same time.
Reached the Temple of Chthulu Reached the Temple of Chthulu
Find and collect a Grimoire.
Necronomicon Necronomicon
Find and collect 10 Grimoires.
Cultist Leader Cultist Leader
Find and collect 25 Grimoires.
Master of the Cult Master of the Cult
Find and collect 50 Grimoires.
Sir Galahad Sir Galahad
Find the Holy Grail.
King Arthur King Arthur
Find three Holy Grails.
Merlin Merlin
Find eight Holy Grails.
Climber Climber
Find and collect a Red Gem.
Red Troll Red Troll
Collect 10 Red Gems.
Rock Snake Rock Snake
Collect 25 Red Gems.
Master of the Valley Master of the Valley
Collect 50 Red Gems.
Parrot Parrot
Find and collect Pirate Treasure.
Caribbean Shark Caribbean Shark
Collect 10 Pirate Treasures.
Pirate Pirate
Collect 25 Pirate Treasures.
Master of Caribbean Master of Caribbean
Collect 50 Pirate Treasures.
Hardcore Hardcore
Get the Orb of Yendor in the Hardcore mode.
Knife Master Knife Master
Get the Orb of Yendor in the Shoot’em Up mode.
Reached the Coast Reached the Coast
Find and collect an Amber.
Albatross Albatross
Collect 10 Ambers.
Amber Albatross Amber Albatross
Collect 25 Ambers.
Master of the Tides Master of the Tides
Collect 50 Ambers.
Escaped Whirlpool Escaped Whirlpool
Collect a Pearl, and escape the Whirlpool.
Vortex Shark Vortex Shark
Collect 10 Pearls.
Vortex Pirate Vortex Pirate
Collect 25 Pearls.
Master of the Whirlpool Master of the Whirlpool
Collect 50 Pearls.
Reached Minefield Reached Minefield
Find and collect a Bomberbird Egg.
Minesweeper Minesweeper
Collect 10 Bomberbird Eggs.
Bomberbird Bomberbird
Collect 25 Bomberbird Eggs.
Master of the Minefield Master of the Minefield
Collect 50 Bomberbird Eggs.
Black Mark Black Mark
Escape the Minefield after having seven mines around you.
Nasty Pet Nasty Pet
Get any Shark in the moat of Camelot.
Reached the Palace Reached the Palace
Find and collect a Hypersian Rug.
Palace Guard Palace Guard
Collect 10 Hypersian Rugs.
Vizier Vizier
Collect 25 Hypersian Rugs.
Prince Prince
Collect 50 Hypersian Rugs.
Reached the Living Fjord Reached the Living Fjord
Find and collect a Garnet.
Viking Viking
Collect 10 Garnets.
Water Elemental Water Elemental
Collect 25 Garnets.
Master of the Fjord Master of the Fjord
Collect 50 Garnets.
Saved the Princess Saved the Princess
Save the Princess.
Princess Challenge Princess Challenge
Complete the Princess Challenge.
Martial Artist Martial Artist
Let the unarmed Princess win a fight.
Reached the Ivory Tower Reached the Ivory Tower
Find and collect an Ivory Figurine.
Servant Servant
Collect 10 Ivory Figurines.
Gargoyle Gargoyle
Collect 25 Ivory Figurines.
Master of the Tower Master of the Tower
Collect 50 Ivory Figurines.
Reached Zebra Reached Zebra
Find and collect an Onyx.
Striped Dog Striped Dog
Collect 10 Onyxes.
Spotted Dog Spotted Dog
Collect 25 Onyxes.
Checkered Dog Checkered Dog
Collect 50 Onyxes.
Elementalist Elementalist
Construct an Elemental Gem.
Lesser Elemental Lesser Elemental
Construct 10 Elemental Gems.
Greater Elemental Greater Elemental
Construct 25 Elemental Gems.
Master of Elements Master of Elements
Construct 50 Elemental Gems.
Mutant Sapling Mutant Sapling
Collect a Mutant Sapling.
Forest Troll Forest Troll
Collect 10 Mutant Saplings.
Mutant Ivy Mutant Ivy
Collect 25 Mutant Saplings.
Master of the Ivy Master of the Ivy
Collect 50 Mutant Saplings.
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt
Collect a Fulgurite.
Storm Troll Storm Troll
Collect 10 Fulgurites.
Metal Beast Metal Beast
Collect 25 Fulgurites.
Rich Metal Beast Rich Metal Beast
Collect 50 Fulgurites.
Golden Beast Golden Beast
Kill 10 monsters at once with an electric discharge in the Land of Storms.
Hardcore Metal Hardcore Metal
Collect 25 Fulgurities, in Hardcore mode, without escaping from a discharge (“That was close”).
Reached the Haunted Woods Reached the Haunted Woods
Collect 1 Black Lotus, and escape.
Dark Ghost Dark Ghost
Collect 10 Black Lotuses, and escape.
Survivalist Survivalist
Collect 25 Black Lotuses, and escape.
Master of Ghosts Master of Ghosts
Collect 50 Black Lotuses, and escape.
Master Survivalist Master Survivalist
Get Survivalist without chopping trees, using any Orbs, non-graveyard monsters in the Haunted Woods.
Reached the Windy Plains Reached the Windy Plains
Collect a White Dove Feather.
Wind Crow Wind Crow
Collect 10 White Dove Feathers.
White Dove White Dove
Collect 25 White Dove Feathers.
Master of the Windy Plains Master of the Windy Plains
Collect 50 White Dove Feathers.
Reached the Clearing Reached the Clearing
Collect a Mutant Fruit.
Red Fox Red Fox
Collect 10 Mutant Fruits.
Giant Fox Giant Fox
Collect 25 Mutant Fruits.
Master of the Clearing Master of the Clearing
Collect 50 Mutant Fruits.
There and Back Again There and Back Again
Return to the starting point after collecting at least 100 $$$.
Reached the Warped Coast Reached the Warped Coast
Collect a Coral.
Ratling Ratling
Collect 10 Corals.
Ratling Avenger Ratling Avenger
Collect 25 Corals.
Master of the Warp Master of the Warp
Collect 50 Corals.
Reached the Rose Garden Reached the Rose Garden
Collect a Thornless Rose.
False Princess False Princess
Collect 10 Thornless Roses.
Rose Beauty Rose Beauty
Collect 25 Thornless Roses.
Rose Lady Rose Lady
Collect 50 Thornless Roses.
Hyperbolic Traveler Hyperbolic Traveler
Reach Crossroads IV.
Master of Chaos Master of Chaos
Collect 300 $$$ in the Chaos mode.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Collect a Dragon Scale.
Dragon Lord Dragon Lord
Collect 10 Dragon Scales.
Dragon Prince Dragon Prince
Collect 25 Dragon Scales.
Dragon King Dragon King
Collect 50 Dragon Scales.
Tortoise Hero Tortoise Hero
Save two Baby Tortoises.
Tortoise Champion Tortoise Champion
Save five Baby Tortoises.
Tortoise Ninja Tortoise Ninja
Save ten Baby Tortoises.
Reached the Yendorian Forest Reached the Yendorian Forest
Find and collect an Apple.
Yendorian Researcher Yendorian Researcher
Collect 10 Apples.
Sparrowhawk Sparrowhawk
Collect 25 Apples.
Yendorian Master Yendorian Master
Collect 50 Apples.
Magic Swordsman Magic Swordsman
Kill two monsters at once with a single energy sword.
Exotic Swordsman Exotic Swordsman
Kill a monster by making it step right onto your magical sword.
Kraken Slayer Kraken Slayer
Defeat a Kraken and collect Sunken Treasure.
Diver Diver
Collect 10 Sunken Treasures.
Master Diver Master Diver
Collect 25 Sunken Treasures.
Master of the Depths Master of the Depths
Collect 50 Sunken Treasures.
Grave Robber Grave Robber
Collect Ancient Jewelry.
Master Grave Robber Master Grave Robber
Collect 10 pieces of Ancient Jewelry.
Draugr Draugr
Collect 25 pieces of Ancient Jewelry.
Master of the Draugar Master of the Draugar
Collect 50 pieces of Ancient Jewelry.
Trollfighter Trollfighter
Find and collect a Golden Egg.
Troll Lord Troll Lord
Collect 10 Golden Eggs.
Troll Prince Troll Prince
Collect 25 Golden Eggs.
Troll King Troll King
Collect 50 Golden Eggs.
Heptagonal Knight Heptagonal Knight
Find the Holy Grail in the heptagonal mode.