Hyperdrive Massacre Achievement List

Starting Small Starting Small
Play one round
Hyperplayer Hyperplayer
Play 10 rounds
Hypergladiator Hypergladiator
Play 50 rounds
Buy New Games Already Buy New Games Already
Play 500 rounds
Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror
Perform 20 kills by deflecting a bullet
Counterstriker Counterstriker
Perform 100 kills by deflecting a bullet
Mile High Club Mile High Club
Travel a cumulative 500km
Hyperdrive Maraton Hyperdrive Maraton
Travel a cumulative 3000km
Super Dynamic Killing Time Super Dynamic Killing Time
Everyone keep a ridiculously high average speed for the round
In the Fable, the Tortoise Wins In the Fable, the Tortoise Wins
Everyone keep a ridiculously low average speed for the round
Undying Undying
Win a match without being killed once
Futbolista Futbolista
Score 50 goals in Soccer
Joga Bonito Joga Bonito
Score 100 goals in Soccer
The Beautiful Game The Beautiful Game
Score 500 goals in Soccer
Selfless Selfless
Score 5 own goals in Soccer
Catas-Trophy Catas-Trophy
Score 30 own goals in Soccer
Ace Ace
Score 50 points in Pong
Slam Slam
Score 100 points in Pong
Game set and match Game set and match
Score 500 points in Pong
Speed Racer Speed Racer
Score 500 points in Death Race
Full Throttle Full Throttle
Score 2000 points in Death Race
We can't stop here We can’t stop here
Score 8000 points in Death Race
Deepspace Gung-Ho Deepspace Gung-Ho
Realize 1,000,000 points in Deathmatch
Fair and Square Fair and Square
Realize 10,000,000 points in Deathmatch
Hyperdrive Massacre Hyperdrive Massacre
Realize a whoppin’ 50,000,000 points in Deathmatch
Cross Eyed Cross Eyed
Play for 1 hour
Square Eyes Square Eyes
Play for 2 hours
Addicted Addicted
Play for 4 hours
Obsessed Obsessed
Play for 10 hours
Whoops Whoops
Commit 5 suicides
No Joy No Joy
Commit 10 suicides
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies
Commit 25 suicides
Commit 50 suicides