Hyper Bowling VR Achievement List

First Strike First Strike
Earn your first strike in a game
Stepping Up Stepping Up
Complete your first game of bowling
First Spare First Spare
Earn your first spare in a game
Turkey Turkey
Earn three strikes in a row
Enthusiast Enthusiast
Bowl 20 games
Professional Professional
Bowl 50 games
Expert Expert
Bowl 100 games
Master Master
Bowl 200 games
Heatin' Up Heatin’ Up
Obtain a score of 100 or more in a game
On Fire On Fire
Obtain a score of 200 or more in a game
Perfect Game Perfect Game
Obtain a score of 300 or more in a game
Fast n' Furious Fast n’ Furious
Bowl at a speed greater than 20 MPH
Around the World Around the World
Play at Alien Alley, Riptide Bowl, Icy Lanes, Red Pin Lanes, and Paradise Alley