HunieCam Studio Achievement List

Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
Employ your very first cam girl.
Harem (Strictly Professional) Harem (Strictly Professional)
Employ a full staff of 8 cam girls.
Brand Loyalty Brand Loyalty
Employ a full staff made up entirely of HuniePop characters.
Babe Magnet Babe Magnet
Recruit all 18 girls at least once (across all save files).
Wolf Of Ball Skeet Wolf Of Ball Skeet
Purchase every investment within 21 days.
Catch 'Em All Catch ‘Em All
Contract all 6 STDs (within a single save file).
Diligent Degeneracy Diligent Degeneracy
Complete a game session without dropping below 5 cigs or drinks.
Shill King Shill King
Purchase 8 ads within a single day.
Diversity Day Diversity Day
Have one girl of each race doing a cam show simultaneously.
Bronze Babymaker Bronze Babymaker
Earn the Bronze trophy without using accessories.
Silver Skinflute Silver Skinflute
Earn the Silver trophy using only 3 girls.
Gold Gearshift Gold Gearshift
Earn the Gold trophy without escorting.
Platinum Porksword Platinum Porksword
Earn the Platinum trophy.
Diamond D-train Diamond D-train
Earn the Diamond trophy.
Guilty Pleasures Guilty Pleasures
Unlock all outfits and hairstyles for one girl.
Disappoint Your Parents Disappoint Your Parents
Unlock all outfits and hairstyles for all girls.