HueBots Achievement List

Red Hot Red Hot
Beat everything in region 0
Citrus Orange Citrus Orange
Beat everything in region 1
Mellow Yellow Mellow Yellow
Beat everything in region 2
Green Like Dolla Green Like Dolla
Beat everything in region 3
Jazz Blues Jazz Blues
Beat everything in region 4
Royal Purple Royal Purple
Beat everything in region 5
White Noise White Noise
Beat everything in region 6
Bot Liberator Bot Liberator
Unlock the credits
Let it Go Let it Go
Restart a single level 6 times in one sitting
Nice Try Nice Try
Bounce two robots off each other
I'm Freeee I’m Freeee
Escape one of the game’s main puzzles
Trick the Tutorial Trick the Tutorial
Beat 0-9 without using any blocks
Third Wheel Third Wheel
Beat 1-8 with only 2 white bots
Almost Impossible Almost Impossible
Beat 1-9 with a leftover block (or 1-5 with no blocks, or 1-6 with a leftover block)
Double Blockage Double Blockage
Beat 2-4 with a leftover block (or 2-3 with 3 leftover blocks)
Extra Resource Extra Resource
Beat 2-5 without using the yellow block
Efficiency Efficiency
Beat 3-3 without using any blocks
Piggyback Piggyback
Beat 3-5 with 5 leftover blocks
Santa's Helper Santa’s Helper
Beat 4-3 without using any blocks
Optimize Optimize
Beat 4-8 with a leftover block
Circular Reasoning Circular Reasoning
Beat 5-3 without using the orange block
Getting By Getting By
Beat 6-8 using only one block
Underground Railroad Underground Railroad
Beat 6-9 using only green blocks
Speedrunner Speedrunner
Beat 2-2 in under 30 seconds
Special Snowflake Special Snowflake
Discover a new bot color
Evil Genius Evil Genius
Use the level editor to save a level with every type of object in it
Midnight Lover Midnight Lover
Use the level editor to save a level using only black or rainbow tiles
Sharing is Caring Sharing is Caring
Publish a level
Community Player Community Player
Beat a user created level
The Critic The Critic
Rate a user created level