htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Chapter 1 Cleared Chapter 1 Cleared
You have cleared Chapter 1
Hidden Achievement
Chapter 2 Cleared Chapter 2 Cleared
You have cleared Chapter 2
Hidden Achievement
Chapter 3 Cleared Chapter 3 Cleared
You have cleared Chapter 3
Hidden Achievement
Chapter 4 Cleared Chapter 4 Cleared
You have cleared Chapter 4
Hidden Achievement
Mion's Punishment Mion’s Punishment
You have completed the game
Hidden Achievement
Escape Artist Escape Artist
Cleared Chapter 1 and defeated the boss without dying at any point
Hidden Achievement
Risky Feeding Risky Feeding
Cleared Chapter 2 and defeated the boss using no more than 3 boxes of explosives
Hidden Achievement
Dinner Delayed Dinner Delayed
Cleared Chapter 3 and defeated the boss without letting it regenerate at all
Hidden Achievement
You're Just Naturally Lucky? You’re Just Naturally Lucky?
Answered every question correctly during the Chapter 4 boss fight
Hidden Achievement
Memories Memories
Collected every Memory Fragment
I Have Nothing Else to Do I Have Nothing Else to Do
Cleared Stage 1-1 in under 80 seconds without dying
Curiosity Killed the Cat Curiosity Killed the Cat
Touched the toxic waste in Stage 1-2
Mementos...? Mementos…?
Cleared Stage 1-3 after collecting all the stuffed animals
Sharp Mind Sharp Mind
Cleared Stage 2-1 without dying, and without using the levers more than 4 times
What's the Hurry? What’s the Hurry?
Completed the maze area in Stage 2-2 without dying, and within 60 seconds of stepping on the switch
Concentration Concentration
Completed the maze in Stage 2-3 with Lumen within 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and without touching the sides
Cloud Hopping Cloud Hopping
Completed the floating portion of Stage 3-1 without landing once
Hopeless Romantic Hopeless Romantic
Gazed at the moon in Stage 3-2
Patience Please Patience Please
Fed the Shadow Bird seeds in Stage 3-3
Sharp Mind 2 Sharp Mind 2
Cleared Stage 4-1 without dying, and without opening the doors more than 18 times
Cull the Weak Cull the Weak
Cleared Stage 4-2 and defeated every shadow enemy in the elevator area
Lord of the Pipes Lord of the Pipes
Cleared Stage 4-3 after passing through all the pipes
Hidden Achievement
Unbending Resolve Unbending Resolve
Died 10 times
Hidden Achievement
Unbreakable Resolve Unbreakable Resolve
Died 100 times