House of Hell Achievement List

Cheater's Win Cheater’s Win
Find the ultimate ending in Free Read mode
Medium Win Medium Win
Find the ultimate ending in Medium mode
Hardcode Win Hardcode Win
Find the ultimate ending in Hardcore mode
Art Lover Art Lover
Find all the artwork in House of Hell
The Great Escape The Great Escape
Escape the House of Hell
First Shock is the Deepest First Shock is the Deepest
Collect your first FEAR point
Spine Chiller Spine Chiller
Collect 10 FEAR points
Fright Night Fright Night
Collect 30 FEAR points
Scaredy Cat Scaredy Cat
Collect 70 FEAR points
Appointment With FEAR Appointment With FEAR
Collect 100 FEAR points!
Priest Hole Priest Hole
Find the secret room
Get Smart Get Smart
Find all art pieces for Dan Maxwell’s alternative cover
Hic! Esmeralda Hic! Esmeralda
Get a Hunchback drunk
Wear Lock Wear Lock
Find all the keys within the house
Wells' Terror Wells’ Terror
Escape from an invisible entity
Blood of the Zombies Blood of the Zombies
Meet all the zombies within the house
Rangdo Logic Rangdo Logic
Use a pot-plant in a clever way
Au Louvre Au Louvre
Check out all the paintings on display
Danish Pastry Danish Pastry
Kill five very large dogs
House Hunter House Hunter
Enter all the locations in the house
Mina Envy Mina Envy
Fall under the spell of a vampire
One Way to Hell One Way to Hell
Find yourself stuck in two story loops of doom
Temple of Doom Temple of Doom
Find your way into a sacrificial ceremony
Groovy Balls Groovy Balls
Meet a ghoulish creature
Countdown Master Countdown Master
Get maximum points in the torture word game
Trust Casper Trust Casper
Have faith in a ghost
They're Here! They’re Here!
Deal with a mischevious poltergeist
Blood Bath Blood Bath
Slip in a pool of blood
Pointy Sticks Pointy Sticks
Find all the potential weapons in the house
Thirsty Oenophile Thirsty Oenophile
Sample all of the wine in the house