Hope Lake Achievement List

Fuel up your car Fuel up your car
Gas up the car
First evidence First evidence
Handkerchief evidence found
Flashlight Flashlight
Took the flashlight
Valve Valve
Got the Valve 🙂
Boarding school Boarding school
Get into boarding school
Gravedigger Gravedigger
Coffin lid lifted
Vinil Vinil
Record found
Special keys Special keys
All special keys found
Armed! Armed!
You got a revolver
Painting Painting
Mystery of the painting solved
Freedom Freedom
Escaped the trap
Evidence case Evidence case
All evidence collected
Mystery person Mystery person
Identified the mystery person
Animals Animals
Animals puzzle completed
Disk puzzle Disk puzzle
Disc puzzle completed
Pipe puzzle Pipe puzzle
Pipes puzzle completed
Photos Photos
All photos found
Courtyard Courtyard
Courtyard reached
Mix puzzle Mix puzzle
Mix puzzle completed
Dead end Dead end
Got out of the dead end
Emily Emily
Emily is awaken!
Crown Crown
The dragon defeated
Rescue Rescue
Stopped Peter and saved Emily!
Telescope puzzle Telescope puzzle
Telescope puzzle completed
Books Books
Books puzzle completed
Scratched door Scratched door
Sliding puzzle completed
Lion head Lion head
Case a lion head
Hex tile Hex tile
Hex tile found
Piano Keys Piano Keys
Piano keys found
Fire! Fire!
The fire is put out