Hollywood Visionary Achievement List

Production Production
Get your first film into production.
Post-Production Post-Production
Get your first film into postproduction.
Release Release
Release your first film.
Grump Grump
Get off on the wrong foot with your niece.
Auteur Auteur
Name your studio after yourself and write, direct, and star in its first film.
Hard To Please Hard To Please
Burn through all of Fish Grundy’s first-round ideas at the diner.
Accounting Accounting
Be incredibly over budget before your picture even starts shooting.
Master of Suspense Master of Suspense
Get Hitchcock to direct a horror or suspense picture with a celebrity lead.
Like It Hot Like It Hot
Get Billy Wilder to direct a comedy with a cross-dressing lead.
Commanding Commanding
Get Cecil B. DeMille to direct a widescreen religious epic in color.
Super Super
Release an adventure movie based on a comic book, with two big stars and high intensity.
New Wave New Wave
Release an experimental black-and-white drama with an unknown cast and terrible pacing.
Bodily Fluids Bodily Fluids
Release a critically acclaimed dark comedy with high script quality and the same actor playing multiple roles.
Light Up the Screen Light Up the Screen
Date the Actor while costarring in a film together.
Word Perfect Word Perfect
Refuse to compromise your creative output.
Heart Wipe Heart Wipe
Kiss a love interest.
Heroics Heroics
Perform a heroic rescue.
Pragmatics Pragmatics
It’s so damn flammable, after all.
Leadership Leadership
Two teams are better than one.
Bluffer Fish Bluffer Fish
Use your acting chops to spin a whale of a tale.
Sugar Daddy Sugar Daddy
A taste of seduction.
Sugar Momma Sugar Momma
Another taste of seduction.
Cold Shoulder Cold Shoulder
Get turned down by someone you want to spend time with.
Good Influence Good Influence
Help your niece at a critical moment.
A Promise Kept A Promise Kept
Kept a promise to your niece at a critical moment.
Ends and Means Ends and Means
Did something questionable to help your niece at a critical moment.
Coronary Coronary
This stress is killing me.
Strike Strike
They’re not gonna take it.
Four-Day Weekend Four-Day Weekend
Spare the rod, spoil the crew.
Red Scare Red Scare
It’s about ethics in movie journalism.
Consequence Consequence
Silence is a political statement.
Spy Kid Spy Kid
Get some inside info from your niece.
Lost Lost
Maybe if you’d had more time to spend with her…
Movie Magic Movie Magic
Save a scene with the help of the Actor.
Chiaroscuro Chiaroscuro
Kick up your craft with the help of the Grip.
Creative Differences Creative Differences
Allow backer to change the picture’s title.
Rosebud Rosebud
Use your editing chops to smooth-talk Orson Welles.
Pro Producer Pro Producer
Use your producing chops to save your film with a sales talk.
Direct Line Direct Line
Use your directing chops in a heart-to-heart.
Typewriter Keys Typewriter Keys
Use your writing chops on your project’s screenplay.
Ossified Ossified
Get drunk at the wrap party.
Role Model Role Model
Spend as much time as possible with your niece.
Footlights Footlights
Spend as much time as possible with the Actor.
Backstage Backstage
Spend as much time as possible with the Grip.
Standing Up Standing Up
Correct a powerful figure who misaddresses you.
Blacklisted Blacklisted
Get added to the Hollywood blacklist.
Revenge Revenge
He has it coming to him.
The Fifth The Fifth
You’ll never compromise your ideals.
Party in the USA Party in the USA
How many Communists does it take to change a lightbulb?
Driven Driven
Never once take a night off.
Good Polly Good Polly
End the game dating both the Actor and the Grip.
Beautiful Friendship Beautiful Friendship
End the game with a lifelong friendship.
Happily Ever Actor Happily Ever Actor
End the game dating the Actor.
Coming to Grips Coming to Grips
End the game dating the Grip.
You All Along You All Along
End the game dating your assistant.
You And Me Kid You And Me Kid
End the game bonding with your niece.
Rave Review Rave Review
Get a very positive review of your film.
Mixed Review Mixed Review
Get a mixed review of your film.
Bomb Bomb
Get a terrible review of your film.
Honored Honored
Unlock the first ending to the game.
Plan B Plan B
Unlock the second ending to the game.
On the Road On the Road
Unlock the third ending to the game.
Oscar Party Oscar Party
Unlock the fourth ending to the game.
Cult Classic Cult Classic
Unlock the fifth ending to the game.