Higurashi When They Cry – Ch.3 Tatarigoroshi Achievement List

 You're On Fire You’re On Fire
Attempted cooking.
Trials and Tribulations Trials and Tribulations
A clear conscience wins the day.
New Horizons New Horizons
Discovered something new about yourself.
Mystery Meat Mystery Meat
Having a barbeque party with everyone.
Better Left Untold Better Left Untold
Learned Satoko’s secret.
Plain to See Plain to See
Met someone’s relative.
Influence Influence
Asked for help from a grownup.
1500 Seconds 1500 Seconds
Reached an epiphany.
Possessed Possessed
Made your choice without looking back.
Taking Extra Steps Taking Extra Steps
Brushed by a close encounter.
Gone Gone
Turned up nothing.
Demon Demon
Witnessed the final showdown.
Liberation Liberation
Escaped at last.
The Great Hinamizawa Disaster The Great Hinamizawa Disaster
Learned what happened next.
Tatarigoroshi Party Tatarigoroshi Party
Enjoy Tatarigoroshi’s after-party.
Detective - Tatarigoroshi Detective – Tatarigoroshi
Read all TIPS in Tatarigoroshi.