Heroes Rise: The Prodigy Achievement List

Morality Badge Morality Badge
Finish the game with a perfect moral compass.
Badass Badge Badass Badge
Finish the game as the ultimate badass.
Legend Guide Legend Guide
Unlock the Legend Guide at the end of the game.
Legend Badge Legend Badge
Finish the game with a perfect Legend score.
Officer Sanders Officer Sanders
Befriend Officer Sanders.
Sidekick: Tarana Rain Sidekick: Tarana Rain
Have Tarana Rain as your sidekick.
Sidekick: Sparrow Sidekick: Sparrow
Have Sparrow as your sidekick.
Sidekick: Pressie Sidekick: Pressie
Have Pressie as your sidekick.
Hero of Tomorrow Hero of Tomorrow
Be named Millennia City’s Hero of Tomorrow.
Millennial Group Reserve Millennial Group Reserve
Join the Millennial Group.
Fringe Life Fringe Life
Save Millennia City and the Fringes.
Goodbye Fringes Goodbye Fringes
Let the Fringes burn.
Kill Prodigal Kill Prodigal
Kill Prodigal.
Grant Prodigal Mercy Grant Prodigal Mercy
Grant Prodigal mercy.
Article: Jury Article: Jury
Print an article on Jury.
Article: Fistfull Article: Fistfull
Print an article on Fistfull.
Outlaw Outlaw
End the game as an Outlaw.